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api integration

Integration with LightSpeed: How to Develop It Easily

27 November 2020 |

Any type of eCommerce B2B software provider, such as ERP, shipping management, inventory management, multichannel, marketing automation, dropshipping automation, and pricing software, needs to be able to develop reliable LightSpeed...

How to Retrieve Orders from Shopping Platforms and Process Them By Your Software

25 September 2020 |

Multichannel software providers that want to get an edge on the market and stay ahead of the curve need to know exactly how to properly retrieve orders from shopping platforms...

Easy Way to Pull Products, Product Images, Attributes from eCommerce Platforms

21 September 2020 |

Are you running a marketing automation software for online retailers? If the answer to this question is yes, then probably you need to pull products, product images, and attributes from...

All You Need to Know About SaaS API Integration with eCommerce Platforms

15 June 2020 |

Staying competitive in 2020 implies getting your customers’ attention and offering them superior services that they cherish and love. As a SaaS app provider, it becomes imperative to stay on...

Shopware API Integration: Why and How to Perform It?

1 June 2020 |

Are you a SaaS app provider who wants to succeed in 2020? If the answer is yes, then you need to be able to outsmart your competitors and get more...

7 Ways to Cut Your SaaS Business Costs During The Crisis

23 April 2020 |

Cutting SaaS costs is imperative, especially for companies that want to survive through this COVID-19 crisis. As a growing number of industries are shutting down and eCommerce is affected big...

Benefits of BigCommerce Integration for ERP Systems

10 March 2020 |

eCommerce stores have become the primary way in 2020 that people use to purchase new things. Fewer and fewer people are going to physical stores because the vast majority are...

Integration with Walmart: Simple Way to Increase Your Customer Base [infographic]

26 February 2020 |

Walmart marketplace is a platform for retailers that allows them to list and sell their products on It is one of the main competitors of eBay and Amazon. Walmart...

Level Up Your Shipping Software With API Integration

24 February 2020 |

Shipping software is an essential and useful tool for eCommerce businesses. It covers the tasks connected with order fulfillment, generating and printing of shipping labels, tracking shipments in real-time, etc....

Chatbot eCommerce Integration: Expand Your Business Possibilities

21 February 2020 |

As a chatbot software provider, you definitely want to grow as much as possible in your niche and increase the number of potential customers. You need to be able to...

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