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api technology

You Asked, We Heard: 4 Amazing February 2018 Product Updates

17 August 2020 |

On behalf of the whole API2Cart, I would like to proudly announce new features, updates, and improvements of the last month. Among them are new methods supported for PrestaShop, Shopify,...

API Digest #89: When Data APIs Go Neglected, Business Intelligence Suffers

17 August 2020 |

API2Cart continues to research the most interesting API-related articles and news to deliver them to you via our fortnightly digest. So grab a cup of coffee and start your week...

Building Shopping Cart Abandonment Solution: Integration Issue

14 August 2020 |

The Global Problem eCommerce businesses are losing potential profits because a significant number of shoppers leave without completing their transaction. The global cart abandonment rate for Q3 2017 is 78.4%,...

You Asked, We Heard: 6 Amazing January 2018 Product Updates

14 August 2020 |

On behalf of the whole API2Cart, I would like to proudly announce our new features, updates, and improvements. Among them are new methods supported for Demandware, the latest version of...

API Digest #71: You are Not Google

30 July 2020 |

Hello there! We are back with our traditional fortnight API Digest! Let’s start with introducing the topics which you are going to read this time: API document generators can fall...

API Digest: A Piece of Your Weekly Inspiration

29 September 2020 |

It is Monday again, and here we are delivering a new list of fresh articles on APIs that are worth reading. Grab a cup of coffee and maybe a toast...

Spring-Inspired Morning API Digest

29 September 2020 |

No matter what weather is outside the windows, we are always in a sunshine mood to put a smile on your face with our weekly Api Digest. Let yourself have...

Hot Morning Coffee with Even Hotter API News

24 April 2020 |

What can be better than spending Monday at work? That’s right, nothing. ;) It makes one more splendid opportunity to fascinate you with API Digest. Last week was pretty productive,...

Morning Coffee API Digest

13 April 2020 |

Whatever the weather is, no matter how sleepy you are, Monday is Monday. It’s necessary to be in good shape in order to generate new ideas and to be in...

Morning Coffee API Digest

13 April 2020 |

Monday. Morning. That’s it, another working week has begun. What do you associate Monday morning with? Your apartment is like the land of nod and sleepy figure scrapes feet along...

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