B2B eCommerce News Monthly: 5 Ways to Use Video in B2B Marketing You Haven’t Thought Of

7 July 2017 |

We are back with our regular monthly wrap-up of B2B eCommerce news and useful articles. Here is the list of topics you will find covered in this article: 6 ways...

Top 5 Comprehensive Order Management Systems

5 September 2019 |

Order management is one of the most important and complex aspects in eСommerce business. It involves fulfillment and keeping track of orders, managing customer data, cash flows, organising shipping, and...

The Evolution of Purchase Order Tracking

5 September 2019 |

Let`s imagine going back about 30 years, before digital technologies became widespread. How hard it was for companies to keep track of various business processes, like purchase order tracking. This...

The evolution of Purchase Order Tracking

B2B E-commerce News Monthly: Using Data to Tell Powerful Customer Journey Stories

16 August 2017 |

We are back with our regular monthly overview of B2B e-commerce news and useful articles. Here is the list of topics you will find covered in this article: Using data...

B2B E-commerce News Monthly- Using Data to Tell Powerful Customer Journey Stories

How do Price Comparison Engines Gather their Data

7 August 2019 |

  In today’s competitive environment, eCommerce players use every opportunity to attract potential consumers. One of such opportunities is listing on price comparison websites. Comparison shopping engines gather information about...

price comparison engines

Data Integration for Email Marketing Software

5 September 2019 |

Amongst all existing marketing channels, email marketing is king for nearly all types of businesses. As to eCommerce industry, it is practically unthinkable without the use of email. Aside from...

Data integration for email marketing software

B2B Integration at the Data Level in E-commerce: EDI vs API

5 September 2019 |

Various financial transactions, administrative procedures, business communication, and other possible activities are rapidly moving to electronic channels. And there are many good reasons for that, while the main benefits from...


How to Keep Your Data Safe in Cloud-based Saas Software

11 February 2019 |

Companies are actively adopting cloud-based services for various business processes, such as accounting and billing, marketing, sales, and customer service management. SiliconAngle reported in 2015, that more than 60% of...


WooCommerce Multisite Data Now Accessible via the API2Cart API

7 November 2017 |

Managing a couple of stores from one admin panel has been a reality for many WooCommerce users for a while now. Unfortunately for various solutions providing service to such merchants,...

woocommerce api integration

Work with Data from Magento 2 Stores with API2Cart’s Latest Integration!

31 July 2018 |

Both old and new, our customers like and request enhancements and integrations, so API2Cart is delighted to announce a newly developed connection with Magento 2. What does this integration entail?...


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