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marketing automation

Easy Way to Pull Products, Product Images, Attributes from eCommerce Platforms

21 September 2020 |

Are you running a marketing automation software for online retailers? If the answer to this question is yes, then probably you need to pull products, product images, and attributes from...

How to Become the Best eCommerce Marketing Automation Software in 2020

1 October 2020 |

Sales and marketing teams in the present business scenario have found an efficient and effective way of managing their clients. eCommerce marketing automation software has streamlined the way companies interact...

Shopping Cart Integration for Marketing Automation Software [Use Case]

29 August 2019 |

Marketing automation software depends on integration with shopping carts to automate most of its operations: retrieving every single piece of content from online store: products and orders, customer contacts, coupons,...

How eCommerce Marketing Automation Systems Encourage Repeat Customers

12 October 2020 |

eCommerce marketing automation systems have opened up many new opportunities for online store owners to expand their business and serve existing customers. Such systems are a weapon for businesses to...

RPA in eCommerce and the Benefits It Brings

9 October 2020 |

Due to rapid technology advancement, eCommerce is undergoing a major transformation and is steadily becoming more efficient and customer-centric than ever. Such technologies as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Augmented...

7 Best Practices for Successful B2B Marketing Automation

24 September 2020 |

For B2B marketers, reaching target audiences is a laborious and complicated task. They need to juggle between various channels and campaigns, at the same time analyzing a large volume of...

8 Best eCommerce Marketing Automation Platforms

24 September 2020 |

According to the report, 67% of marketing leaders are already using at least one marketing automation platform and a further 21% planned to start using one in 2019. The main...

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