Automatic updating of e-store product prices on BigCommerce

Updating and synchronizing prices on different shopping platforms like BigCommerce is one of the key functions of multi-channel, repricing, and price optimization solutions. Using API2Cart product.list and product.update API methods such software can access e-stores' price data easily and update it automatically

Why use API2Cart

With API2Cart you can easily do the following:

Connect your solution to 40+ eCommerce platforms

You will be able to integrate your software with BigCommerce and the other supported shopping platforms at once using a unified API provided by API2Cart

Get access to all the necessary data from BigCommerce

API2Cart API methods allow you to access the data related to prices and other product details from your clients’ e-stores built on BigCommerce or any other platform

Update prices on BigCommerce with no difficulties

Usage of API2Cart allows your system to change prices across multiple sales channels automatically with no additional efforts

Save your time and money

You can save up to 80% of your developers' time and minimize TCO as in-house IT costs on integration with BigCommerce and other platforms are up to 9 times more expensive than via API2Cart

Use 24/7 customer support

We are ready to help you to solve your business case connected with updating prices on BigCommerce quickly and easily. You can contact us by email, chat or phone 24/7

BigCommerce Store Data You Can Work With


AddUpdateGet listCount


AddCountGet list

Product variants



AddGet listCount


Get list


AddUpdateGet listCount





Order status

AddUpdateGet list


Get listAddUpdate

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