Automatically create product listings on OpenCart

For EPR, product information management, and multi-channel systems providing their clients with the possibility to create, update, and manage product listings on different eCommerce platforms and marketplaces like OpenCart is crucial. Usage of API2Cart product.list, product.add and product.update API methods allow them to do it easily and fast.

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API2Cart allows your SaaS solution to work with listing on OpenCart and do the following:

  • Create, update and manage product listings on OpenCart and 40+ other shopping platforms and marketplaces
  • Upload product images, titles, descriptions, categories, etc. to multiple shopping platforms and marketplaces automatically

OpenCart Store Data You Can Work With


AddUpdateGet listDelete


CountGet list




AddUpdateDeleteGet list

Abandoned orders

Get list


AddUpdateGet listCount


AddDelete Update


AddGet list


Get info

Order status

AddUpdateGet list


Get listAddDelete


Get list
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The main benefits of using API2Cart for your business:

  • Easy and fast integration with OpenCart and 40+ other marketplaces and shopping platforms
  • Access to all the information related to e-stores’ products, orders, customers, shipments, taxes, etc.
  • Ability to save up to 80% of your developers' time and minimize TCO
  • API2Cart takes care of the maintenance of the integration and its further updates

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Good integration with shopping platforms and marketplaces powers the majority of processes that every SaaS app covers. Read more in Top 10 Business Cases You Can Solve With API2Cart.

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