Updated 15 July 2022 | Khrystyna Oliinyk

API2Cart always takes into consideration suggestions and wishes from our customers. Just reminding, we already support Amazon, eBay and Etsy marketplaces. Now, following your inquiries, API2Cart has added support for Walmart!

Walmart is known as the largest brick-and-mortar retailer in the world. Since 2009, it offers an online marketplace for third-party sellers similar to Amazon and eBay. For now, Walmart.com marketplace includes about 18,000 retailers and 100 million unique monthly visitors.

If you run eСommerce software such as multichannel, localization, order & inventory management tool, video commerce platform or any other, then you know that integrations with marketplaces are vitally important for your solution, and Walmart is the platform worth considering. The main reason is that Walmart is a fast-growing marketplace and a place to get more potential clients. lt offers a pool of opportunities for SaaS software.

API2Cart makes it possible for software vendors to work with Walmart stores in the following way:

  • get info on orders and count them
  • update orders
  • get product lists with all details (names, descriptions, prices, images, etc).
  • get stores info

The following methods are now supported for Walmart:

  • for working with orders:
    • order.count / list / info/ update/ status.list/ shipment.list
  • for working with products:
    • product.list / count / info / update
  • for working with carts:
    • cart.create / validate / list / delete / methods / disconnect
  • for working with account:
    • account.cart.list / cart.add / supported_platforms

You can see all methods supported by API2Cart here or in our API2Cart documentation.

If you want to integrate your software with Walmart or other popular marketplaces, feel free to schedule a call with our expert.

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