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Updated 22 August 2022 |

For eCommerce sellers changing the prices of their products quickly and effectively is very important to stay competitive on the market and earn more money. Repricing and price optimization software help them to increase or decrease the price of an individual item or even a group of products automatically and monitor changes in the prices of all competitors. The pricing software allows retailers to make real-time updates of prices across multiple sales channels with high frequency. It can save a lot of time that was spent on manual operations and reduce all risks connected with human mistakes.

For you, as a pricing software provider, it is necessary to receive and manipulate the data from your clients’ stores connected with prices, products, currencies and customers. Without this valuable information, your system won’t be able to perform functions such as updating prices, product tracking, standard and custom reporting, generating coupons, etc.

The process of getting the data from multiple shopping carts and marketplaces requires the building integration with them. The integration is unavoidable if you want to automate the operations provided by your software and to be capable of price recalculating, comparing and optimizing.

But, the integration with each eCommerce platform is not so easy and needs tons of tech work, a lot of time, money and effort.

If you want to simplify the life of your developers and keep the focus on your main activity you can use unified API by API2Cart. It provides you with the possibility to connect your pricing software with more than 40 shopping platforms at once and have no worries with the updates every time new versions of carts come out.

Pricing API Integration

Shopping Platform Integration for Repricing Software

Explore how to develop the integration between your repricing software and multiple shopping cart solutions easily.


API integration with Magento, Shopify, OpenCart, Etsy, 3dcart, Prestashop and other shopping carts enables your software to retrieve products lists along with prices, images, descriptions, have access to order history, sync prices, create coupons and generate reports.

In this article, we present the main API methods that will be very useful for your repricing and price optimization software.

Sync prices across all sales channels

    We have everything needed for accessing and managing prices and other product details on shopping carts and marketplaces.

  • product.update
  • Update prices and other product info using product.update method.

  • product.list
  • Use product.list method to get a list of products along with all related info and images. You can retrieve names, prices, attributes, categories, etc. Filter products by creating/modification date, ids, etc.

  • product.currency.add
  • Add product currencies with product.currency.add method and get a list of currencies for the product via product.currency.list method.

  • product.child_item.list
  • Find and get lists of child items of products via product.child_item.list and product.child_item.find methods.


Access order history

Get customer’s order history via order.list method, which allows filtering orders by email or id.

Manage customer info

Retrieve all customers details you need via customer.info and customer.list methods.

Get abandoned orders

Get a list of incomplete orders along with customer emails and names using order.abandoned.list method.

You can find more information about API integration methods on our website or in detailed documentation provided by API2Cart.

If you have any questions or suggestions, contact our sales manager to get more details or start a free trial today and see how API2Cart can help your business.

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