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Updated 16 March 2020 | Anastasia Kholod

Achieving a long-term success for service-based companies is crucial, as the digital environment is constantly changing and brings a lot of new trends and innovations. The central point in business to the business model is the ability to interact with various apps in order to provide customers with a seamless experience. You have to avoid the situation when you are crushed under the feet of more innovative competitors. Then, appears a necessity to harness innovation and spread it over your business.

In case you provide shipping, order and inventory, repricing or other types of services, much time and effort are dedicated to some inner processes to build a certain system. And in most cases, merchants don’t focus much on the way of data interaction performance between the apps.

Vendors have been using files to exchange data for years. But is it really the most effective way? Certainly not! API appears to be an innovation that facilitates the process because of the low barrier to entry in using them. Application Programming Interface automates commerce activity and allows to integrate various apps with shopping platforms, thus enables performing data interaction in no time.

One of the major benefits of the API is easier and quicker technical access to the resources. The usage of API is considered to be a going concern today as it underpins strong tech communication. Shopping platform integration with the help of the Application Programming Interface brings a lot of advantages for merchants enabling fast and secure data gathering at one stroke. And imagine if there is a possibility to integrate with multiple platforms simultaneously. Sounds real but hard to perform as there is a necessity to develop various integration modules for each shopping platform which will cost you both time and money constraints.

API2Cart is an online service that lends a helping hand for SaaS solutions offering a single API to connect with 40+ shopping platforms and marketplaces. In aggregate, all supported platforms reckon 1+ mln of customers which automatically will be transformed into your potential ones. Therefore, by integrating with such industry leaders like Magento, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, Shopify, etc. you will be able to gather all needed data from clients’ e-stores and process it within your system. Easily retrieve, add, update, delete and sync info, including products, customers and orders as well as all related information.

Due to the service’s flexible infrastructure, you are able to add an unlimited number of clients’ e-stores. As well as both static and interactive documentations will really help to understand API2Cart better, outlining the major principles of work. Security appears to be an essential thing, so service provides a unique 32-symbol API key to access the system. Also, the SSL certificate is used to ensure integration safety.

API2Cart empowers the following eCommerce industries:

  • Mobile commerce;
  • Marketing automation;
  • Social commerce;
  • Dropshipping automation;
  • Inventory management;
  • Order management;
  • Analytics system;
  • Reprising system;
  • Warehouse management;
  • Other SaaS systems.

So, it’s hard to escape the conclusion that if the business isn’t rooted in API, you are seriously missing out. The rapid innovation promised by Application Programming Interface will shift your trade to what we call success.

Dispel all doubts and integrate your eCommerce soft with API2Cart to get access to multiple platforms in no time. If there are some questions to ask, schedule a FREE Consultation and our expert will help you!

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