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For any company that wants to work effectively and to gain success on the market, it is highly important to use automation tools. And startups are no exception.

Adopting automation tools allows to free startups from manual and repetitive tasks, make them more productive, reach more clients, get projects done on time and become the next company that everyone is talking about. Usage of automation tools helps to save time, streamline communication, reduce labour costs and improve customer service.

There are a great number of automation tools for startups that can help to manage a large scope of operations connected with financing, marketing, customer communication, business operation, and other tasks.

In this article we collected the most popular and useful tools that can help your startup to raise its efficiency by several times.

Project Management Automation Tools for Startups

  1. Trello

    Trello provides startup companies with a smooth and flexible platform to organize their business processes. It offers a multi-purpose digital whiteboard where you can perform activities like task management, post business updates and work on complex projects with your fellow members. Trello allows you to visually classify your duties assigning them descriptions, attachments and labels. It gives the possibility to create unlimited task lists, share images and files, add the comments.

    Pricing: Free for personal use, $9.99 user/month for businesses and from $5.92 to $20.83 per user per month for enterprises.

  2. Jira

    Jira is a must-have automation tool for agile teams. It allows you to plan and distribute the tasks to the team, track and prioritize the work of your employees and improve the overall performance of the company. Jira makes possible creating user stories and issues, planning sprints. The tool provides scrum boards for faster iterative development, kanban boards for queuing up the next task and roadmaps to connect with your team.

    Pricing: $10/month for a small team of 10 users, $7/month per user for a team consists of from 11 to 100 members.

  3. Weekdone

    Weekdone is a week-based automation tool that allows you to track the weekly plans of your team and their activities. Live dashboards in this software provide you with the information connected with your own and your team goals. Also, you can plan weekly tasks, align weekly objectives with employees, provide feedback and guide your team with personalized discussions.

    Pricing: Free for 1-3 users. Paid plans start from $3.50 user/month and depend on the number of users.

  4. ClickUp

    ClickUp is a multipurpose automation tool that provides all types of management assistance to startup companies. With ClickUp, startups can streamline their projects precisely, smoothly shuffle tasks according to updating requirements, schedule time, manage tasks and sync them with Google calendar, analyse the capacity of the team and customize its workflow.

    Pricing: Free for personal use and from $5 user/month for the team.

  5. Smartsheet

    Smartsheet is a collaboration tool for your startup that can help with the project and task management, tracking needs of sale pipeline, crowdsourcing, visual usage of spreadsheets, file sharing and automating the workflow. You can also track your inventories, finances, marketing campaigns and schedules, plan events, and manage operations using Smartsheet.

    Pricing: Individual plan - $14 user/month, Business plan - $25 user/month, Enterprise plan – Quote based.

Data Integration Tool for Startups

  1. API2Cart

    API2Cart provides a unified shopping cart API integration for startups. It can help your startup to save time on integration processes, reduce costs, work with all needed data from your clients’ stores like products, orders, shipments, customers and baskets. The service allows you to forget about integration maintenance and shopping cart versions updates forever.

    With API2Cart you can easily connect your software with 40+ eCommerce platforms like Magento, Shopify, OpenCart, Etsy, Amazon, eBay, 3dcart and many others at once.

    Pricing: For startups, API2Cart offers a special pricing plan. You can also use the service for 30 days absolutely for free! Contact API2Cart sales manager now to get more information.

Marketing Automation Tools for Startups

  1. Hubspot

    Hubspot is a lead capturing tool that can create landing pages for companies, track more leads, communicate with them, manage your blogs and email campaigns, increase conversions and traffic for the website. Along with these, it has data analytics tools for gaining insights on marketing campaigns and provides with the possibility to use A/B testing feature.

    Pricing for Marketing Hub (1,000 contacts): Starter - from $50/month, Professional - from $800/month, Enterprise - from $3,240/month.

  2. Mautic

    Mautic enables startup companies to streamline marketing campaigns, achieve consistently high performance and produce engaging content. The dashboard that is equipped with widgets can show contacts, manage email campaigns and display page visits. A/B testing, mobile optimization, search tracking, lead management and nurturing, event management, social media management, SEO analytics, and workflow capability are some of the main features of Mautic.

  3. Autosend

    Autosend is a great option for startup software companies as it is specially designed to serve mobile phone and web users. The “trigger-based” automation tool sends SMS, push messages and emails to web and mobile application users based on specific events. A/B testing, analytics and email creation are other benefits.

  4. SendinBlue

    SendinBlue is a marketing automation tool that helps startups with automated email marketing, SMS marketing, chatting, segmentation, transactional messages, landing pages, CRM, Facebook Ads, signup forms, and much more. It provides workflow automation at beginner, advanced and customized levels.

    Pricing: Free for personal use, Lite - 19 €/month, Essential - 29 €/month, Premium – 49 €/month, Enterprise – Quote based. The price depends on the number of emails per months and the other additional features.

  5. Autopilot

    Autopilot is a visual marketing automation tool that helps you organize your customer information in one place. It can segment your customers, sync information from the CRM, capture leads, track customer activities, collaborate with the team, add creativity to the canvas, manage social media and optimize email campaigns for mobile phones.

    Pricing: Silver plan – $49/month, Gold - $149/month, Platinum - $249/month. The price depends on the number of included contacts.

Communication Tools for Startups

  1. Slack

    Slack offers startups the best collaboration for their team. It allows you to organize conversations, share files and documents, communicate face-to-face and find everything in the archive. Slack provides channels for every conversation and can be connected with more than 1,500 apps.

    Pricing: Standard plan – $6.67/month per person, Plus - $12.50/month and Enterprise – Quote based.

  2. Ryver

    Ryver is streamlining the communication of your team at one place. It offers open discussion with team members or customers and is focused on conversations, calls, tasks, automation in business workflow, social media posts management, and much more.

    Pricing: Starter pack - $49/month, Unlimited pack - $99/month, and Enterprise pack – starts at $399/month.

  3. Zoho Cliq

    Zoho Cliq allows the startup companies to communicate with their customers in an organized manner, find information effortlessly and connect with necessary tools. It centralizes the communication by bringing the team together on one screen, promotes interactivity with the customers using emojis, allows to share files by drag-and-drop trick, provides the real-time email conversations and post office hours communication.

    Pricing: Free for personal use and Unlimited pack starts at 0.9€ user/month.

  4. Flock

    Flock offers a more organized way of communication to startups. Your emails, tools, meetings, apps and conversations can be located at one place with Flock. It allows real-time collaboration among team members by direct chats or group conversations, video calls and provides the possibility to share files and images, search for links, invite guests, share news and updates, and much more.

    Pricing: Free for small teams getting started, Pro plan – $4.50 user/month, Enterprise – Quote based.

  5. Rocket Chat

    Rocket Chat offers an open-source communication medium to chat unlimited and free. The channels of Rocket Chat improves transparency by removing emails and providing open conversation with the team. Team members can communicate in group chat and switch between audio and video calls for better communication.

    Pricing: Community – Free, Pro plan - $3 user/month and Enterprise – Quote based.

Sales Tools

  1. is an automation platform that is specifically designed to boost the sales team productivity of startups. The software effectively handles lead nurturing, prospecting, lead tracking, optimizing campaigns, email verification, email tracking. It allows sales teams to know when emails were opened and watch analytics to track clicks and replies from the prospects.

    Pricing: Starter pack costs from $35 user/month. The service provides 30-day money-back guarantee.

  2. FindThatLead

    FindThatLead, as the name suggests, captures potential leads for sales to grow and eliminates manual prospecting work. It is a combination of prospecting tools like Prospector, Email Verifier, Lead Search, Bulk, Domain Search, and Social URL Search. Startups can speed up the process of making new deals and find targeted prospects across geography.

    Pricing: Basic plan is available for free and Growth plan costs $49/month for one user.

  3. SalesSeek

    SalesSeek helps startup software companies to manage their marketing, sales and business workflows. Main features of SalesSeek include pipeline management, automation, email marketing, web analytics, lead generation, tracking, sales funnel management, business deal optimization and much more.

    Pricing: Basic for a minimum of 3 users - $48 user/month, Professional - $68 user/month, and Enterprise – Quote based.

  4. ZoomInfo

    ZoomInfo allows startup companies to find the perspective customers for their products. You can get access to their email addresses and find the information connected with their location, job title, job function, industry, company revenue, company size, and more. ZoomInfo allows to manage and organize your database by keeping it up-to-date.

    Pricing: Quote based.

  5. InsideView Sales

    InsideView software provides startups with marketing, targeting and sales intelligence. The main features of InsideView include access to industry-leading data of prospects and leads, private network to connect with colleagues, company and customer information from editorials and targeted lists to reach out to the right customers at the right time.

    Pricing: Free for personal use, Pro plan - $99/month and Enterprise – Quote based.

Social Media Management Tools for Startups

  1. eClincher

    eClincher is a social media management automation platform that curates online posts and suggests the latest trends for social media content and web channels. It even allows to repost your content on social media platforms, schedule and automate your posts in a queue. Keyword monitoring, hashtags and mentions are also handled by eClincher.

    Pricing: Basic plan - $59/month, Premier - $119/month and Agency - $219/month.

  2. BuzzSumo

    BuzzSumo is excellent at analyzing the type of content that works best for any company. It helps your resonate your social media content with your audience. You can also analyze the content on the basis of a specific domain. The software gains insights about your competitors’ content and allows you to implement it on your website effectively.

    Pricing: Pro - $79/month, Plus - $139/month, Large - $239/month, Enterprise - $499+/month.

  3. Buffer

    Buffer is one of an automation tools for startups that allows to schedule their social media posts across different platforms. It provides browser extension to curate web content, social media analytics and built-in image creator to upload visuals. With Buffer, you can plan and collaborate your content with your team on social media channels to drive active engagement for your brand.

    Pricing: Pro plan - $15/month, Premium - $65/month and Business - $99/month.

  4. Agora Pulse

    Agora Pulse is a comprehensive social media automation tools that can help you to increase your engagement with social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It smartly analyzes the comments on your social media posts and delivers them to your inbox.

    Pricing: Medium - $89/month, Large - $179/month, X-Large - $269/month and Enterprise - $459/month. The price depends on the number of social profiles and users.

  5. Spokal

    Spokal is a smart social media management tool that doubles up your traffic by sharing posts. It is a new generation of a sharing platform that schedules the posts, tracks their performance and analyzes the received data to improve your content.

    Pricing: Social Team - $99/month, Social Pro - $49/month and Social Starter - $29/month.


Different automation tools can make your eCommerce startup more effective. So, consider using project management tools, marketing automation solutions, sales software, CRM systems (to find it you may check out, etc.

In case you are interested in developing integration between your startup solution and multiple shopping platforms, try to use API2Cart. You can start your free trial period right now or contact our managers by chat or phone at any time suitable for you.

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