eBay API Integration for SaaS App Providers

Published 11 December 2019 | Updated 2 June 2020 |

ebay integration

The complexity in managing customer data and processing orders is a challenge for online sellers. They need to use shipping, order and inventory, warehouse management, marketing automation software, etc. to simplify their business processes. Thanks to SaaS app providers, online sellers can carry out these tedious operations in a streamlined way. However, you can’t provide your apps to the sellers without the integration with shopping platforms and marketplaces.

eBay is one of the most popular marketplaces in the world. Millions of sellers choose it for the promotion of their goods. So, it means that connection with eBay is vital for most SaaS app providers who want to succeed in the software market. Also, it allows accessing data about products, orders, customers, shipments, etc.

This article will help you to get more info about eBay integration.

What is eBay Marketplace?

eBay marketplace is the place where the merchants from around the world sell their products online. eBay become the most significant eCommerce leader and is now highly popular in different countries.

eBay has more than 1 billion active product listings. They include various items that may be used for different purposes. It is possible to sell everything there. Today, eBay is a multi-billion dollar business. Its operations localized in 30+ countries. Moreover, the profits of this marketplace and the number of its users keeps increasing continuously.

The main benefit of eBay is that it allows opening a seller’s account for free. Also, eBay a wide variety of options that allows sellers to control their listings. It makes it possible to manage product photos and descriptions easily. Moreover, eBay enables to set shipping, return policies, and associated fees independently. A high number of merchants use these possibilities and make eBay one of their priority channels for their product promotion.

According to Statista, in 2019, eBay was the most popular among the sellers in the United States, United Kingdom, China, Germany, and Australia.

Distribution of eBay sellers worldwide as of December 2019, by country (according to Statista.com)

If you are running a SaaS solution for online merchants, you should definitely to about the integration with eBay. The development of such a connection can bring a lot of possibilities for your business.

What is eBay Integration?

eBay integration is the process of connecting any SaaS app with this marketplace. It allows managing the data about products, customers, baskets, orders and shipments from stores based on it.

eBay stands unique in providing its sellers with the best support, solutions, and platform to run and expand their business. For SaaS apps, connection with this marketplace is the best way to provide automation functions for the clients who use it.

SaaS solutions, such as inventory, multichannel, order management, shipping, and others, need eBay API integration for expanding their client base and increasing revenues.

Without the smooth integration with this marketplace, it’s impossible to access all the necessary data from online stores based on it. As a result, you won’t be able to propose your service to the sellers who use eBay for their online businesses.

Now, let’s go deeper and explore all the benefits of eBay API integration for your SaaS application.

How to Benefit from Integration with eBay?

There is a pool of opportunities connected with eBay integration.

There are approximately 182 million users of this marketplace around the world. eBay has the third position in the list of the most preferred platforms between US sellers. It means that SaaS app providers can increase the number of their prospective clients and has a significant increase in revenues by integrating their solutions with eBay.

Also, integration allows SaaS app providers to access all the data they need to provide their functionality to the clients. The solutions that can benefit from integration: shipping software, order and inventory management systems, WMS, ERP, marketing automation, PIM, pricing software, etc.

Connection with eBay allows working with the customer, order, price, product and shipments data. Also, it helps them to sync inventory, update orders, make reports, retrieve product lists, create coupons and update prices.

What are the Main eBay API Integration Difficulties?

Now you must be thinking of integrating your SaaS app with eBay. Take a look at the tedious process of integration and all the associated difficulties. There are a lot of obstacles that bother SaaS app providers like you while establishing a connection with eBay:

  • Basic integration is a time-consuming task. Usually, it takes around 3 months for experienced developers to complete the whole process.
  • eBay API isn’t uniform. Various resources (like products, customers, orders. etc.) have different data formats. Somewhere it can be XML, somewhere - JSON.
  • eBay Sandbox doesn’t work correctly and has a significant number of bugs. The developers need to spend a lot of time on checking the performed requests as eBay produces the uninformative errors. For example, you can face the errors with such kinds of explanations: “A user error has occurred. Sorry, something went wrong. Please wait a moment and try again.”, “There was a problem with an eBay internal system or process. Contact developer support for assistance”.
  • eBay Sandbox admin panel logs out the user continuously. That is why it’s hard to create a product with its help.
  • Developing the connection demands expert technical skills and advanced knowledge of development, which is hard to find and expensive. You have to pay an average of $4000-$6000 per month to the one developer.
  • Integration is an on-going process. It does not end at the development part. Further maintenance and keeping up with upgrades will haunt all of the time.
  • Sometimes it is hard to find all the needed information in eBay API Docs. Developers have to search the answers to their questions in the eBay Developer Forums. Usually, it requires a lot of time.

How to Simplify the Integration Process?

We know you may be in a state of confusion, should you go with eBay API integration or not? We think it worth considering. But, you have to approach the right solution provider like API2Cart, to streamline your integration process. Instead of connecting on your own, leverage the comfort of third-party services like ours.

API2Cart is a solution that will integrate your SaaS apps with eBay and 40+ shopping platforms and marketplaces at once. With our integration service, you can forget about wasting your time, money, and valuable resources.

API2Cart provides a unified API for connection with eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Magento, Shopify, PrestaShop, etc. Using this service you won’t need to develop separate connections with multiple shopping platforms and marketplaces.

How to Use API2Cart for Working With eBay?

API2Cart provides a wide variety of API methods for working with eBay online stores. For example, you can use the following methods for managing the data:

  • for working with orders: order.count / list / info/ add/ update/ status.list/ shipment.add
  • for working with products: product.list / count / info / fields/ add/ update/ image.add/ image.delete/ child_item.list/ variant.update/ variant.delete
  • for working with carts: cart.create / validate / list / delete / methods / disconnect/ info
  • for working with the account: account.cart.list / cart.add / supported_platforms
  • for working with categories: category.list / info/ count

More information about all supported API methods for eBay and their details you can find here.

For example, let’s discover how you can easily manage product listings on eBay using API2Cart. For that purpose, you will just need to use product.list, product.add and product.update methods.


As you can see, with API2Cart, it is possible to create, update, and manage product listings on eBay and other shopping platforms and marketplaces easily. Moreover, you will be able to automatically upload products with images, titles, descriptions, categories, etc.


The development of eBay API integration can have a lot of advantages for your SaaS solution. For example, it can expand your customer base in time, increase your profits, and market share extremely. However, the process of connection has a lot of difficulties if to do it on your own.

So, you can use API2Cart and forget about all the issues related to eBay integration. API2Cart takes care of further connection updates and maintenance. Also, you won’t need to spend your money and valuable resources on integration.

API2Cart has more than 100 methods to handle data from online stores. Also, you can use our detailed API Docs and 24/7 support.

API2Cart is a perfect solution for those software providers who operate in the sphere of:

  • Shipping management
  • Dropshipping automation
  • Order and inventory management
  • Marketing automation
  • Price optimization
  • ERP
  • Point of sale (POS)
  • Chatbot
  • Translation and localization
  • Social commerce
  • Product catalog
  • Multi-channel commerce
  • And many others.

If you wish to know more about our services and eBay API integration for SaaS providers, get a consultation from our managers. Try API2Cart for 30-days for free now! Or schedule a quick call with our manager and get more detailed information.