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Published 1 October 2020 | Updated 1 October 2020 | Natalia Kovalchuk

No matter how much SaaS applications have advanced lately, the essence of importing data from eCommerce platforms remains the same. Your software must be able to import orders from various e-stores to provide your clients with the possibility to manage their eCommerce business effectively with your software's help.

To be able to retrieve essential data from your clients’ stores, you need to have the integration with shopping platforms used by them.

In this article, we are going to give you some useful info on how you can connect your software with PrestaShop platform and import order data from stores built on it.

The integration with this platform may bring a lot of benefits for your solution. Access to all the needed stores’ info will improve your software’s functionality and allow your clients to get the most out of your product.

The Importance of Importing Order Data From e-Stores

import orders

As a SaaS app vendor, you need data from various eCommerce stores like PrestaShop to help your customers automate their business processes. To help them operate their stores successfully, you need to access store data about the customers, orders, products, and shipments, which enables you to provide your functionality to e-merchants effectively.

Most importantly, if you provide, for example, ERP, shipping, warehouse, order or inventory management software, you have to access and manage the data related to the e-store orders.

It is required for providing such features:

  1. Managing and synchronizing inventory levels across various sales channels to keep track of stock every moment
  2. Organizing multiple operations carried out in a warehouse like receiving orders, storing, packing, shipping, and more
  3. Changing and updating of e-stores’ order statuses
  4. Enhancing of fulfillment accuracy and speed
  5. Generating customized and in-depth reports for merchants to keep track of order information

Automatic importing of e-stores’ orders can help you market your services better to the online sellers.

Why do Software Providers Need To Import Orders From PrestaShop?

PrestaShop powers more than 300,000 e-stores worldwide. It is one of the fastest-growing shopping cart solutions in Europe.

Integration with PrestaShop and the ability to access order data from its stores can open up a pool of opportunities for your SaaS business. Whether you are ERP, inventory management, shipping management, order management, or any other SaaS app, connecting with e-stores developed on PrestaShop allows you to propose your solutions to its users.

Every e-store owner needs software like yours that may help them to track their orders effectively, manage inventory, organize warehouse operations, etc.

To establish a robust and secure integration with PrestaShop, you need a team of high-quality developers who can build and execute the heavy code for you. Usually, the process of developing the integration requires previous platform architecture investigation and a few weeks to be completed. Also, there is further maintenance involved in integration when the connections are made. Shopping platforms like PrestaShop keep upgrading its versions, and after each update, you need to modify your integration too.

You can try third-party services like API2Cart that can help you to connect your software with PrestaShop and import orders from it easily.

How to Develop PrestaShop Integration?

Despite all the challenges faced by PrestaShop integration, its development cannot be ignored.

But, the process can be simplified using a unified API provided by API2Cart. With API2Cart, integration with PrestaShop and 40+ other shopping cart solutions and marketplaces is a one-step process.

API2Cart connects your software with all the eCommerce platforms at once, saving you all the costs and time which would otherwise have incurred if to develop the connection manually. Not only it cuts down on resources, but it also takes care of the after-maintenance associated with shopping cart upgrades. You don’t have to worry about your software integration with shopping platforms once you partner with API2Cart.

API2Cart also provides more than 100 API methods for managing online stores’ data. To import orders from PrestaShop you need to use such API methods:

  1. order.list - It helps you to receive new orders from PrestaShop stores
  2. webhook for order.add event - Using it, you can get notified every time the new order is placed on PrestaShop store. Webhook helps to decrease the server load, save API requests, and receive more up-to-date info
warehouse-schema-1 (2)

The best part - API2Cart is exceptionally affordable. It even provides you with a free trial of 30 days. Book your product demo to believe it yourself. Apart from this, you can avail of the API docs for further reference while using the API.

If you want to know more about how our service works or need a consultation call from our service manager, reach us here. We would be happy to assist you!

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