rest vs soap

Updated 20 March 2020 | Anastasia Kholod

Probably, once in a lifetime every API developer has stood at the parting of the ways choosing between REST and SOAP protocols. It seems that the process of finding the consensus decision is like to see two parallels cross - hard, but as mathematicians have shown - possible.

Developers don’t often fully understand what is REST vs SOAP, what are their main features and what makes them different. But the most dizzying question that occurs is when should you use one or another.

NordicAPIs, recently, has presented an outstanding infographic that gives an overview of REST vs SOAP. They’ve looked at these two types of protocols from the use-case perspective, making it easier to choose which one suits you best.

Explore this infographic to find out some basic concepts, pros, and cons of both and discover the use cases, when to choose one or other. Also, take a look at bright examples of using REST and SOAP protocols by popular systems like Twitter, Linkedin, Paypal, etc. in their APIs.


So, it’s worth making some short conclusion based on this infographic. When you have to choose between REST and SOAP, compare them on a use-case basis. Examine their strengths and weakness from the perspective of your project goal.

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