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Interview with Guillaume Laforge

2 June 2020 | Lexy Mayko

The interviewee we are proud to present today is Guillaume Laforge, Project Lead of the Groovy programming language and Product Lead at Restlet. In this interview, he talks about what he dreamt about as a junior developer, how he got involved in Groovy, and why he is not fond of hackathons.  Guillaume, it... Read More

Interview with Arnaud Lauret (API Handyman)

22 May 2020 | Lexy Mayko

Arnaud Lauret is the man you might know as API Handyman, the API believer we all love. In this interview, he reveals who he would like to be, what his homework dipsy doodles were, and what cardinal virtues every API should follow.  Many know you as API Handyman, which is both a mind-blowing... Read More

Interview with Steven Willmott

19 May 2020 | Lexy Mayko

We are continuing the series of experts talking about APIs and their effect on eCommerce. This time, it is Steven Willmott, the CEO and co-founder of 3scale, answering our questions.  Steven, you have considerable experience in the sphere of IT underpinned by a Ph.D. degree in Artificial Intelligence. 10 years of research in the areas... Read More

Interview with Zdeněk Němec

8 May 2020 | Lexy Mayko

We are here again with an API expert talking about his life, ideas, and insights. This time, the man of the day is Zdenek Nemec, the guy searching for beauty and elegance among DSLs and ASTs for Apiary and a witty interviewee. Q: Zdenek, you have been working in the sphere of technology for... Read More

Interview with Jeremy Whitlock

8 May 2020 | Lexy Mayko

We are continuing the series of interviews with API experts sharing their knowledge and experience. Today our blog guest is Jeremy Whitlock, a Senior Software Engineer at Apigee, an open-source evangelist and contributor, and Gluecon speaker.  How long have you been a part of the development world? When did you realize you would... Read More

March-April Updates from API2Cart

8 May 2020 | Lexy Mayko

Much has been done in the last two months. API2Cart tech team did an arduous work to give you more. A few API methods are now supported for some of the shopping carts they did not support: product.currency.list is now supported for CS-Cart product.add and product.variant.update are now supported for... Read More

Interview with Mike Stowe

6 May 2020 | Lexy Mayko

Today is just that day to continue our API-expert-interview series. This time we are proud to present our talk with Mike Stowe, a Developer Relations Manager at MuleSoft who knows everything about APIs and their design. You can also know him as an actor and just a great guy who... Read More

Manfred Bortenschlager: ”APIs are an Effective Way to Exchange Information”

5 September 2022 | Anastasia Kholod

Our series of interviews with API experts is spinning up and today API2Cart wants to present you an interesting discussion with Manfred Bortenschlager (@ManfredBo on Twitter) who is an API enthusiast and works for 3scale – delivering API Management solutions. His job involves educating markets about the value of APIs... Read More

Top API Related Blog Posts

10 August 2022 | Anastasia Kholod

API is probably among the most hyped terms in the industry nowadays. And no wonder, as since the early days of digital technologies, developers have struggled to make various applications communicate with each other. And Application Programming Interface undergird the technical side of data sharing. API penetration into eCommerce world... Read More

Matt McLarty: “I believe APIs provide a fantastic way for merchants gain greater insights into their business trends”

27 October 2021 | Anastasia Kholod

Editor’s note: Today we’ve got a great chance to talk with Matt McLarty, the vice president in API Academy at CA Technologies and just extremely broad-minded person. He has a vast experience in IT and API in particular. Lots of people have a pleasure listening to Matthew's insights on various... Read More

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