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Updated 8 May 2020 | Lexy Mayko

Much has been done in the last two months. API2Cart tech team did an arduous work to give you more. A few API methods are now supported for some of the shopping carts they did not support:

  • product.currency.list is now supported for CS-Cart
  • product.add and product.variant.update are now supported for Shopify
  • product.image.add is now supported for xt:Commerce
  • product.update is supported for Ubercart.
  • order.update is now supported for BigCommerce.

One more update available is a new “default” field for product variants that defines which product variant is a default. The two possible responses are:

  • “true” for default variants
  • “false” for non-default variants

Last month API2Cart released a new order.abandoned.list method that is yet supported for Magento only. It retrieves information on abandoned carts that can be used by e-mail marketing, e-commerce recommendation widget software, and other abandoned cart recovery businesses to provide various useful features. More information on the new method can be found here.

If you have any questions concerning the updates or how API2Cart works, do not hesitate to schedule a FREE consultation with our representative.

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