API Frenzy: Don’t Left Behind [Presentation]

Published 12 December 2014 | Updated 29 July 2017 |


Currently, Internet or World Wide Web, continues its relentless transformation changing the way merchants conduct their business. Now, it’s crucial to invest in web technology to ensure the future success. Application Programming Interface is among the most important trends that shape the Internet and e-Commerce in particular. API has completely changed the playing field, and companies, that miss the chance to capitalize on it, will be left behind for sure. However, many non-technical retailers don’t fully realise which new spectrum of possibilities API opens for their business.

The late nineties dotcom era made it mandatory for every merchant to communicate with customers via website. When todays digital world requires vendors to be accessible from various smartphones and mobile gadgets as well. Moreover, it’s highly important to serve the digital data and services in the context that users choose.

So, Application Programming Interface is an important segment of the computer industry. It is the fundamental pillar of the way that software, computer and network itself have evolved. Also, API underpins the technical side of how various applications communicate and share data.

Here, at API2Cart blog series about API technology, I can’t leave out in a cold the presentation, created by Sachin Agarwal, the SOA Software VP of Product Marketing. He smartly explains the frenzy around the API and describes the business and technology implications of developing an API strategy.

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