All API Methods Needed for Comprehensive Multichannel Software

Published 23 August 2017 | Updated 24 October 2019 |

Api methods for multichannel software

Going multichannel has already turned into a new standard of eCommerce. It allows retailers to reach up to 120% more customers through being presented at the maximum possible relevant platforms.

So nowadays retailers do not ask themselves Should I get listed on Amazon or eBay? same as they do not doubt whether to sell on a marketplace or to host an own store. They do it all simply not to get out of the race. However, it must be feeling like hell to update their product list and manage selling process on dozens of various platforms separately, so they prefer to rely on a multichannel software to automate these functions.

But which basic functions a retailer is looking for in a multichannel software?

  1. Managing orders throughout all sales channels from a single screen.
  2. Controlling inventory stock levels and shipping from a single place.
  3. Update prices on all platforms from one system.
  4. Distribute products lists to all the platforms.

Clearly, the ability to manage orders and products on multiple platforms is the backbone of any software for multichannel commerce. API2Cart has a full set of API methods for that.

Let us take a closer look at these methods that make a multichannel system an all-encompassing superhero solution:

    • category.add/ list/ update/ delete
    • category.assign/unassign
    • category.image.add/ update/ delete
  • for working with prices:
    • order.count
    • order.add/ update/ delete
    • order.shipment.list/ add
    • order.status.list

In case you are involved in the multichannel retail industry, API2Cart may provide you with the connection to multiple shopping platforms. This is a unified eCommerce API solution which provides integration with more than 35 shopping carts and marketplaces. If you are willing to check your opportunities, sign up and see how it may improve your multichannel software already today.