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Updated 18 November 2022 | Khrystyna Oliinyk

Shopping platforms have revolutionized the eCommerce industry by making it easier than ever for businesses to set up an online store. There are now many different eCommerce platforms available, each with its own unique features and benefits.

For eCommerce software vendors, it becomes a necessity to implement an integration with as many shopping platforms as possible to remain competitive. Wix is an eCommerce platform that is worth considering. It has a 37% market share, which means that it outranks Squarespace, Weebly, and other website builders. Wix is also the second most popular website builder for the top 10k, top 100k, and top 1m sites on the internet.

Let’s see in more detail its benefits and how to connect to Wix data in a simple and fast way.

Why You Should Integrate with Wix

Wix was established in 2006, and in that time, it has become one of the most popular website builders in the world. It allows users to create websites without prior knowledge of web design or development. There are many reasons why your eCommerce software should integrate with Wix:

  • Connecting to Wix data provides you with instant access to a wealth of information that can be used to implement important features in your app or software. The platform allows you to work with orders, products, customers, and other needed data.

  • It has a market share of over 10 million users and is growing rapidly. So by integrating with Wix, you can instantly tap into a huge potential customer base. Wix also has a strong market share, so integration with it can help you to raise your solution and increase your visibility.

  • Integration with Wix allows you to provide additional functionality and value to your clients. By helping your clients to grow and expand their businesses, you can also ensure your own growth and success.

  • When you attract more clients and expand your market share, you end up increasing your income. As your business becomes popular around the world, more and more people will find out about your service and turn to your solution.

What Wix Data You Can Work With

Wix API enables the software to interact with the Wix platform and its data. When you connect to Wix data you will be able to work with products, customers, orders, etc.

By developing integration with Wix you should know about some API specifics:

  • Wix API rate limits enable to perform up to 200 requests per minute, per instance;

  • It doesn’t allow to create a webhook for the application through the API;

  • During the testing period you can not create real orders - only test orders for a logged-in customer;

  • Wix uses Oauth 2.0 authentication for requests.

To access the data of Wix API, store owners should give you, as a software vendor, explicit permission. When it is done and integration is developed, you will be to get, add, update and sync various store data.

Wix Integration Challenges

If you are not using a third-party integration solution to connect to Wix data, you may run into several challenges. Here are some of them:

  • It can take a significant amount of time to develop and implement Wix integration. Because there are so many different eCommerce platforms, each with its own unique characteristics, developing a custom solution is a complex task that requires your developer to learn all the intricacies of the Wix API. The effort required to create an effective integration can be extremely high.

  • Integration with a shopping platform can cost you more than $10,000. However, this is too much money for anyone who wants to integrate their solutions with multiple eCommerce platforms.

  • A challenge with integrating eCommerce platforms is that new versions are constantly being released. Your developers may have developed integrations based on older versions of the platforms, so it can be difficult to access data from updated platforms. In addition, it can be difficult to keep up with constant updates to the eCommerce APIs with which you have established integrations.

  • Security is a major challenge for eCommerce suppliers and their customers. The consequences of API abuse, such as data breaches and data loss, can be serious problems. They can affect the reputation of the company, its finances, and harm end-users.

Finding solutions that simplify integration with shopping platforms is important when dealing with such a complex issue.

API2Cart is the leading integration solution that allows software vendors to integrate with Wix, Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, and other eCommerce platforms at once. Using it you can save your time, money, and development resources.

The Solution to Connect to Wix Data

There are two primary ways to develop the Wix store integration: in-house or development through third-party services.

  • In-house integration can be a great option for businesses with the resources and expertise to develop the integration themselves. However, it can also be a more costly and time-consuming option and may entail the challenges mentioned above.

  • Development through third-party services can be a great way to save time and money and you do not need to worry about training or managing your developers.

API2Cart Review

API2Cart is a unified shopping cart integration solution that allows you to easily retrieve, update, add and sync data from multiple shopping platforms. The data includes information about products, customers, orders, and other related details. Thanks to API2Cart, you can connect to Wix data and 40+ other platforms at once.

API2Cart can be beneficial for SaaS applications, including inventory and order management, e-mail marketing, mobile commerce, and others. The integration via API2Cart provides the following advantages:

  • a single API that allows developers to gain access to the various shopping platforms and marketplaces;

  • a high level of technical support to assist you in meeting all your customers’ needs;

  • secure connection, as the service uses an SSL certificate in combination with a 32-character API key to access the system;

  • extensive documentation and code samples that make it easy to see how the product works;

  • work at a high level. Enjoy API2Cart's speed and efficiency, which lets you add, update, and synchronize different elements with related data in just 3 seconds.

Don’t waste time on integration when API2Cart can do it for you. Schedule a free consultation with an expert now.

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