Published 3 April 2015 | Updated 16 May 2022 | Lexy Mayko

As an inventory management software provider, you might wonder why WooCommerce inventory integration is supposed to be a beneficial business enhancement. Well, there indeed are some reasons for that, and this article is going to mention them. Read on to find out what they are and dot the i's and cross the t’s of this sensitive issue.

Inventory Management Software Integration with eCommerce Platforms

Inventory management software is a unique tool that makes the lives of e-store owners less complicated. It helps them to handle inventory control. Also, it operates orders, updates inventory, and stock levels for various channels automatically, and predicts potential product needs in order to avert both overselling and extra expenditures. If you're a software provider in this field and are looking for new opportunities to boost your business, then you might be interested in the integration with shopping platforms.

Inventory software integration with shopping platforms has a high number of benefits. The main ones are such as the impressive growth of potential clients and expanded functional range.

Development of connection with multiple shopping platforms solves the issue of importing data on inventory and stock levels from different sales channels. This way, you can make extra points over your competitors by avoiding incurring your customers’ displeasure at an unexpected item lack.

In fact, the more shopping platforms you are connected to, the better it is, as this means being armed with such benefits as new favorable business opportunities, a wider circle of potential clients, and a higher market share. And these eventually make a competitive advantage.

Why is WooCommerce an eCommerce Platform Worth Integrating With?

E-Merchants from all over the world are using different shopping cart software, so which one to choose to integrate with? Consider WooCommerce. It is the most popular eCommerce WordPress (WP) plugin that is free to use. WooCommerce is one of the top open-source shopping platforms that powers over 28% of all online stores. 

Integration with this leading platform will increase the number of your potential clients and enable you to retrieve all the needed information on the state of inventory and sync it within your system. 

More than 3m of online merchants are currently using WooCommerce for running their businesses. WooCommerce is highly popular in the USA (272.000+ e-stores), United Kingdom (11,000+ e-stores), Russia (8,000 e-stores). The number of WooCommerce users is growing rapidly from day to day. Approximately 22% of the top million eCommerce stores use WooCommerce. And all the store owners out of this enormous number are your potential clients. By performing WooCommerce integration, you will extend both the circle of your service users and your functionality.

WooCommerce Inventory Integration Difficulties

Developing a connection with WooCommerce is connected with various technical issues. The major problem you’ll meet is the need to develop a special integration module that is not an easy process. It requires great effort and a lot of time and money. Moreover, it will need maintaining and updating after the elaboration is finished.

Also, there are other difficulties. For example, there are a lot of versions of WooCommerce API. Usually, developers build the integration with only one version of WooCommerce API. The problems may occur as e-merchants can use the other API versions for building their online stores and don't want to make upgrades to the other ones. So, it is necessary to develop the integration with all WooCommerce API versions if you're going to provide your clients with excellent inventory software. However, it will take months of your developers' time. Developers' work costs thousands of dollars per month. So, you have to prepare for a vast expense if you plan to build WooCommerce inventory integration on your own.

The other issue is related to WooCommerce API Documentation. It contains a lot of unclear information without actual examples. So, you may also spend a lot of time on the previous investigation connected with WooCommerce integration development.

How Do You Connect to WooCommerce Easily?

You could try to find a developer willing to work with the integration module elaboration. Sounds not bad as far as waiting and paying a pretty penny are not concerned. And if you think of integrating with more than one shopping platform, the expenses and time loss might be depressing.

The other option would be looking for a solution working for numerous eCommerce platforms at once. API2Cart is the way out, as it provides you with a unique and unified API that allows you to access the database of WooCommerce. Moreover, you'll connect your inventory management software with 40+ other shopping platforms. It includes such prominent ones as MagentoShopifyBigCommerce, X-CartUbercartPrestaShopVirtueMart, and many others as a pleasant bonus.

By implementing WooCommerce inventory integration via API2Cart, you’ll be offered with over 100 API methods operations that you might need during the work process. Also, you’ll be provided with full technical support and security of interactions.

Please go through this infographic to find out more about WooCommerce inventory integration and API2Cart as a helper to perform it.

woocommerce_inventory_integration (1)


API2Cart is the service that will solve your WooCommerce inventory integration issues and add extra advantage over rival businesses by providing you with access to various e-retail platforms.

Usage of API2Cart API methods your system will be able to provide such operations easily:

  • Import order data from multiple sales channels into your system
  • Update order statuses from a single place
  • Synchronize inventory levels across multiple platforms
  • Retrieve order updates and notify your customers in no times
  • Generate up-to-date reports and provide your clients with statistic data

API2Cart has detailed API Docs, video instructions, and 24/7 support. You can use a 30-day free trial period and see how API2Cart allows you to easily and quickly solve your business cases.

Do not hesitate to schedule a FREE consultation with our manager and ask any questions concerning WooCommerce inventory integration and more. Or register a free API2Cart account and test the service right now. Extend your business functionality by means of obtaining access to the data on not just products and stock level, but also customers, orders, categories, etc. Let our service do the work for you and contribute to your prosperity.