WooCommerce Inventory Integration as Your Key to B2B Success

Published 3 April 2015 | Updated 18 August 2017 |


As an inventory management service provider, you might wonder why integration with WooCommerce is supposed to be a beneficial business enhancement. Well, there indeed are some reasons for that, and this article is going to mention them. Read on to find out what they are and dot the i's and cross the t’s of this sensitive issue.

Inventory integration with shopping carts may be very helpful. It will be of service to you by solving the issue of importing data on inventory and stock levels from one or more e-Commerce platforms. This way you can make extra points over your competitors by avoiding incurring your customers’ displeasure at an unexpected item lack.

In fact, the more shopping carts you are connected to, the better it is, as this means being armed with such benefits as new favourable business opportunities, a wider circle of potential clients, and a higher market share. And these eventually make a competitive advantage.

Why is WooCommerce an e-Commerce platform worth integrating with?

It is the most popular e-Commerce WordPress (WP) plugin that is free to use. It is favoured by the WP community that is, in fact, the biggest one in the world of Сontent Management Systems. 75 mln websites are created on its base. And all the store owners out of this enormous number are your potential clients. By performing WooCommerce integration you will extend both the circle of your service users and functionality.

How do you integrate?

You could try to find a developer willing to work with integration module elaboration. Sounds not bad as far as waiting and paying a pretty penny are not concerned. And if you are thinking of integrating with more than one shopping cart, the expenses and time loss might be depressing.

The other option would be looking for a solution working for numerous e-Commerce platforms at once. API2Cart is the way out, as it provides you with a unique and unified API that allows you to access the database of WooCommerce and automatically get integration with 30+ shopping carts including such prominent ones as Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, X-Cart, Ubercart, PrestaShop, VirtueMart and many others as a pleasant bonus.

API2Cart is the service that will solve your WooCommerce Inventory Integration issues and add extra advantage over rival businesses by providing you with the access to various e-retail platforms.

Do not hesitate to schedule a FREE consultation with our representative and ask any questions concerning WooCommerce Inventory Integration and more. Extend your business functionality by means of obtaining access to the data on not just products and stock level, but also customers, orders, categories, etc. Let our service do the work for you and contribute to your prosperity.