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How can I add API2Cart IPs to whitelist?

Check the following steps to add API2Cart IPs to whitelist and prevent accidental blocking.

Instruction for WHM (Web Host Manager)

1. Login to WHM (Web Host Manager)


2. Go to Security Center and then Host Access Control.

3. Add IP addresses over the ALL deny line in Host Access.


4. To ensure the IPs won’t be banned by cPHulk, add them to the white list.


5. If there is the CSF plug-in installed, do not forget to add СSF IP to the white list as well.


Instruction for Plesk user:

  1. Login to Plesk.
  2. Click Websites & Domains tab at the top.
  3. Click SQL Whitelist Beta icon.
  4. Click Add IP, select service and type IP; Click OK.

The list of IPs you need to add:


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