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What customer information can I work with while using API2Cart?

API2Cart uses Customer.list API method that help to retrieve following data:

  • Customer ID
  • Customer Group
  • Customer’s e-mail
  • Customer First Name
  • Customer Last Name
  • Time of customer creation
  • Time of customer modification
  • Customer’s login
  • Date of last login
  • Customer’s date of birth
  • Customer Status
  • Customers subscribed for newsletters
  • Customer’s Gender (male/female)
  • Link to use website
  • Customer’s fax number
  • Customer’s Company
  • Customer’s phone number
  • Customer’s Address Book

This method also includes the fields that were created in the shopping cart backend (admin section) and the specific fields, which are set for this shopping cart by default.

API2Cart constantly improves its services, so we expect to deliver you all the required methods in the near future. Please contact us in order to request necessary functionality.

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