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Pricing & Billing

Can I try your service before investing money?

After you register an account you can try service functionality on demo store. Add demo store to your store list and perform test methods to see how API2cart works. Check API2Cart documentation to find out more about the methods you can use.

How can I pay for the service?

Choose the most suitable plan according to your business needs and requirements. It appears to be the most cost-effective way as our dedicated manager will help you to pick the best one for you. Get a FREE Consultation to receive qualified advice.

How much does the service cost?

APi2Cart provides currently a personalized approach to service pricing. To provide the most beneficial pricing option for your specific business, we offer to send us a Request for Quote with your contact details. We wiil respond as soon as possible to discuss your integration oportunities and discuss the final cost of service use. For more information, please contact our Support Center.

Why am I being charged VAT?

According to international rules, every API2Cart account refill is accompanied with tax collection. To be more specific, PayPro, the company handling taxes from API2Cart, collects VAT from Canada and EU countries.

For EU, VAT is collected according to the international rules of VAT and then sent to the state the purchaser is from.

For Canada, the GST/HST is collected and paid to the Government of Canada. However, according to the Canadian law, you can get a compensation from the State by providing GST number of the company receiving the payment, i.e. API2Cart. Please, contact our support team to request the GST number.

Every EU country has its specific VAT percentage that can be seen after the country is chosen. You do not need to pay VAT if you are a business with a valid VAT ID. If you have paid the vat, provide us with your valid VAT id and our accounting department will refund you the VAT. Private individuals cannot have VAT refunded.

Fixed VAT is collected with each recurring payment. Here you can find more information about VAT rates for different countries. The residences of the countries not included into the list won’t be charged while refilling API2Cart account. After each successful payment, PayPro is sending an invoice to the customers email indicated on the order page.

Find out how to avoid paying VAT.

I don’t want to pay VAT

You do not need to pay VAT if you are a business with a valid VAT ID. To avoid being charged VAT, enter your VAT id in the corresponding field. If you have paid the VAT, send an e-mail to with your order id and VAT id specified. Our accounting department will refund you the VAT.

Please note that private individuals cannot have VAT refunded. Provide the legal body details when making the payment to avoid being charged VAT.

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