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What product details can I work with while using API2Cart?

API2Cart supports Product.list API method that helps to retrieve the following data from the shopping cart:
  1. Product ID
  2. Brand name of product
  3. Product Model
  4. Product SKU
  5. Universal Product Code
  6. Time of product creation
  7. Time of product modification
  8. Product Name
  9. Product short description
  10. Product full description
  11. Product URL
  12. Product SEO URL
  13. Product meta title
  14. Product related keywords
  15. Product meta description
  16. Product available for sale
  17. Products available for view
  18. Count of products views
  19. Count of products ordered
  20. Product Weight
  21. Product Quantity
  22. Product Price
  23. Price of products sold in large quantities (wholesale)
  24. Special price of product. ex. Regular price:100 Special Price: 99.99
  25. Price with discount based on the ordered product quantity
  26. Product category IDs
  27. Product Categories
  28. Product Images
  29. Product Options
Product.list method also includes the fields that were created in the shopping cart backend (admin section) and the specific fields, which are set for this shopping cart by default. API2Cart constantly improves its services, so we expect to deliver you all the required methods in the near future. Please CONTACT US in order to request the necessary functionality.

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