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Security Assurance

API2Cart service takes serious measures to protect our clients personal and store information.

Sensitive data is protected from unauthorized access. We guarantee not to share your personal account data and keep it confidential. Terms of service security and information protection are provided by our Privacy Policy.

Bridge file. API2Cart service requires bridge downloading to establish integration with your software and retrieve data from stores. A connection bridge is the most secure method to access store data. The data you retrieve will be only used to employ certain API2Cart methods.

You can find the list of the accesses needed here.

Here, you can find a video tutorial on how to download bridge for bridge platforms easily. A similar tutorial for all the rest platforms can be found here. The bridge can be downloaded automatically with the help of the method. Find more details on this issue here.

Technical side of bridge security

IMPORTANT: When API2Cart sends a request to the bridge file, the “token” parameter is required. This parameter should have the store key value as it is shown in the example picture.

That is the way we check if the bridge is functioning correctly. All the other bridge-involving actions  are performed the same way with just the “action” parameter changed and adding another parameter added.

The Store Key should be indicated EVERYTIME a bridge-involving action is performed. Otherwise, this action will not be performed. That is the way we do the authorization. If the store Key is indicated incorrectly, you will get the error you could see above.

FTP accesses are used to upload a bridge in order to specify connection with self-hosted carts.

In order to investigate issues and troubleshoot reported problems or download the connection bridge file, API2Cart support technicians may require access to the online store, web server and database.

It is recommended to temporarily change the password of the admin account before providing a technician with access to your online store. Once your issue is resolved, you should change the passwords of all the provided accounts as soon as possible. The technician will make it clear to you  what access exactly we need to solve your problem. More details on which accesses API2Cart techs may ask can be found here.

We highly respect API2Cart customers’ privacy. We have adopted all the necessary measures so that you could be confident about how we protect and manage personal information. For more information please get familiar with Privacy Policy of our company.

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