Mike Holt: “API enables developers to access content and data in order to build unique experiences”

Published 9 September 2014 | Updated 24 October 2019 |

Interview with Mike Holt, the owner of

Editor’s note: Today, we are proud to present you an interview with Mike Holt, the owner of MobiCart. Since January, 2014 Mike has been leading this powerful solution that is widely used for easy m-store creation and management. His experience and expertise in e-Commerce helps to lead MobiCart to success.

In this interview Mike talks about his own way to success, shares his thoughts about API technologies and tells about API2Cart and MobiCart cooperation.

Mike, tell us, please, about the beginning of your career. You worked at Silicon Systems for 8 years and helped the company grow into an industry leader. Your excellent marketing knowledge also helped to win new customers for Texas Instruments. Was it hard to be a leader just after finishing the university?

I worked for Silicon Systems for 12 years followed by 4 years at Texas Instruments (via TI’s acquisition of Silicon Systems). I developed capabilities in steps – nothing happened so quickly. Leadership resulted from successes and failures (and the learning from these) over a variety of situations, business and opportunities.

Years of hard and dedicated work have taken effect. You are a prosperous person, an excellent strategist, great coach and team builder. What can you define as your key to success?

This is a results learning from great people around me, from working through significant change that resulted in growth and opportunities and always operating with the highest integrity.

Can you, please, tell us how your cooperation with MobiCart started? What position do you hold at MobiCart and what are your main responsibilities?

I run a Singapore based incubation and investment firm. I purchased MobiCart in January, 2014 largely driven by both an opportunity to greatly accelerate MobiCart’s growth and to greatly improve MobiCart’s mCommerce platform by leveraging capabilities that we have with our other solutions, especially via location based mobile commerce platform Sprooki.

Lately, Sprooki has announced about partnership with MobiCart. Would you mind telling us about this project and  future prospects of such cooperation?

Sprooki is a leader in location aware mobile commerce campaign platforms for large brands and shopping malls. Bringing these capabilities to MobiCart enables the best mobile commerce platform for small and medium sized eCommerce stores.

Today’s digital world requires strong expertise in API. How did this technology affect MobiCart? What were the key motives to use API?

Scalability and flexibility are critical. Our approach enables us to support varying customer requirements.

As it is known, earlier MobiCart established partnership with API2Cart. Take us through the story of how your cooperation with API2Cart helped you in conducting your business?

API2Cart enables us to support synchronization to any of the eComemrce carts that our customers use. This means we can focus on what we do best, enabling turnkey mobile commerce applications.

Changes on the digital market have an impact on everything that is connected with e-Commerce and MobiCart feels them surely. What predictions can you make about API? How will it continue to affect eCommerce and mCommerce in the nearest future?

API enables developers to access content and data in order to build unique experiences. In turn, these apps drive more traffic and usage to social platforms, ensuring their long-term success. This allows solutions like MobiCart to meet constantly changing requirements while still focus on delivering great mCommerce for our customers.

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