Updated 13 June 2022 | Khrystyna Oliinyk

API2Cart team always works on expanding the list of supported shopping carts. Having considered your requests, now we integrate with Neto platform!

Neto is relatively new on the eСommerce market, however, it has already gained popularity for its flexibility and reliability. It is Australian retail management platforms that provide a complete solution for an eCommerce store: Point of sale, inventory, and fulfillment. Neto powers 4,5k+ stores, meaning integration with Neto is a great opportunity for b2b eCommerce software to gain more potential clients.

API2Cart makes integration with Neto easier and effortless. It enables to work with Neto stores in the following way:

  • get product lists with all details (names, descriptions, prices, images, etc)
  • get order lists along with their statuses
  • update and count orders
  • get stores info
  • retrieve stores

For integration with Neto we provide the following methods:

for working with products:

  • product.list / count / info / fields
  • product.child_item.list
  • product.variant.update

for working with carts:

  • cart.create / validate / list / delete / disconnect / methods

for working with orders:

  • order.count
  • order.list
  • order.update
  • order.status.list

for working with account:

  • account.cart.list
  • account.failed_webhooks

More information on the methods supported by API2Cart you can find here or in our documentation.

In the near future we are going to add more functionality and provide more methods to work with Neto.

In case you have questions on integrating your software with Neto or any other one, schedule a call with our representative.

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