Updated 2 September 2020 | Khrystyna Oliinyk

On behalf of the whole API2Cart, I would like to proudly announce our new features, updates, and improvements. Among them are: support for Magento MSI Plugin, shipment methods for Magento, manufacturers Ids for Prestashop and Shopify.

1. Get warehouse info on Magento stores.

API2Cart now supports Magento MSI Plugin. The following methods allow to work with warehouses:

  • cart.info
  • product.child_item.list
  • product.list
  • product.info
  • product.update

2.Get carrier info using our cart.info method on Magento.

3.Set weight units when adding new products on Shopify stores.

You can set the following units in product.add method on Shopify: g, kg, oz, lb.

4.Update product variants on BigCommerce stores.

We have added product.variant.update method for BigCommerce.

5.Set special prices via product.update method on Magento.

Parameters sprice_create and sprice_expire have been added to product.update method for Magento.

6.>Benefit from improved Prestashop and Shopify integration.

We’ve added manufacturer and manufacturer_id parameters to product.update method for Prestashop and Shopify.

7.Get info on shipment methods for orders on Magento stores.

Shipment_methods are now returned in order.info and order.list methods for Magento.

8.New methods for working with bridge.

Methods bridge.delete and bridge.update have been added.

9.We’ve updated our bridge, so make sure you use new bridge version. See the current bridge version here.

In case there are features you want API2Cart to support, do not hesitate to contact us. API2Cart makes integration with shopping carts and marketplaces so much easier.

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