Updated 2 September 2020 | Khrystyna Oliinyk

This March, 2018 API2Cart hit a very important milestone - 1 000 000 000 API  requests!

It took us 6 Years to process 1 milliard API requests for our customers, since foundation in 2012. The most popular API request is for product list. This method makes it possible to get the list of products from the store, along with their ids, names, descriptions, prices, categories, and other product data needed.

Our Team was very productive this month. Among our new features, updates and improvements are: added support of Ecwid and Magento Commerce Cloud, webhooks for WooCommerce 3.3.3 new methods supported for xtCommerce 5 and OsCommerce.

1. Add categories and product images on xtCommerce 5 stores.

Methods category.add, category.update, category.assign, product.image.add have been added for xtCommerce 5.

2. Following customer inquiries, API2Cart supports Ecwid! Сheck supported methods here.

3. Benefit from improved OsCommerce integration.

We’ve added the following parameters for product.update method for OsCommerce:

  • increase_quantity
  • reduce_quantity
  • description
  • lang_id

4. API2Cart now supports Magento Commerce Cloud.

5. Enjoy faster work with OsCommerce, Loaded Commerce, OsCmax, and Zen Cart.

We have reduced the response time for a number of methods for the following shopping carts:

6. Our webhooks are now working on WooCommerce 3.3.3.

API2Cart Webhooks make it possible for our customers to get notifications immediately when some changes or events on shopping carts occur. For example, if you need to know when the order is placed on your customer's store, you don't have to check it every now and then - webhooks will tell you when it happens.

In case there are features you want API2Cart to support, do not hesitate to contact us. API2Cart makes integration with shopping carts and marketplaces so much easier.

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