Updated 8 December 2017 | Natalia Vyshnevska

1. The order_ids filter has been added for the order.list method.

2. The possibility to view current value of connection counter has been added in the API2Cart panel.

3. It is now feasible to access, filter, and update data by the store in WooCommerce Multisite.

4. The product.update method is now supported for WP e-Commerce.

5. It is now possible to retrieve group prices from Magento stores.

6. The discounts that apply to products within a certain category are now returned in special_price field.

7. Shopify connector has been added to API2Cart.

8. Registration now includes an e-mail confirmation.

9. Language info is now returned in the wpml_info field where the lang_id and product_id pairs get translated into the language defined.

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