Updated 28 August 2018 | Khrystyna Oliinyk

1. Store_id, lang_id, currency_id parameters have been added for product.info, product.list methods for WooCommerce.

2. New parameter order_item_price_includes_tax_{x} has been added for order.add method on Magento.

3. Warehouse_id parameter has been added for product.add, product.variant.add, product.update, product.variant.update, order.shipment.add methods on Shopify.

4. Product.list, product.find, product.info methods have been optimized for Cs-Cart.

5. Method order.add has been optimized for Demandware.

6. Support of webhooks for Gambio, Cs-Cart and Shopware has been added.

7. Cart.info method is now supported for Neto.

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