Published 28 February 2019 | Updated 28 February 2019 | Khrystyna Oliinyk

1. We have added support for Walmart. The following methods are now supported for this marketplace:

  • order.list
  • order.count
  • order.status.list
  • order.shipment.list
  • product.list
  • product.count

2. Product.image.add and product.image.delete methods have been added for eBay.

3. Method product.image.add has been added to CS-Cart.

4. Product_variant_id parameter has been added to product.image.add method for WooCommerce.

5. Parameter items has been added to order.shipment.add method for Neto.

6. Method category.assign has been added for WooCommerce, CS-Cart, Webasyst Shop-Script.

7. Id field has been added to response structure in order.add method for Magento.

8. Bridge version has been updated. See the current bridge version here.