Published 31 August 2021 | Updated 20 March 2023 | Khrystyna Oliinyk

1. Product.add method has been added for Walmart.

2. SKU filter has been added to product.list method for Magento.

3. Methods cart.meta_data.set, cart.meta_data.unset and cart.meta_data.list have been added for BigCommerce.

4. Order.update method has been added for LightSpeed.

5. Parameter seo_url has been added to product.add and product.update methods for Shopify.

6. We’ve added live shipping rates logs.

7. Product.update method has been added for Amazon SP API.

8. Methods basket.live_shipping_service.list, basket.live_shipping_service.create and basket.live_shipping_service.delete have been added for Magento 2.

9. Bridge version has been updated. See the current bridge version here.