Updated 30 December 2023 | Natalia Vyshnevska

1. Shopline

Added support methods:

  • order.add
  • order.update
  • product.variant.add
  • product.variant.update
  • product.variant.delete

Added support methods cart.meta_data.set, cart.meta_data.unset for next entity: category, product, customer, order

2. Shopware 5,6 (bridge integration)

Added parameter address for method customer.update

Added methods:

  • customer.address.add
  • customer.find
  • customer.group.list
  • product.child_item.find
  • variant.delete
  • product.brand.list
  • product.manufacturer.add
  • product.review.list

3. Shopware 6 (bridge integration)

Added support methods:

  • product.image.add
  • product.image.update
  • product.image.delete

4. Shopware API (API integration)

Added support methods:

  • customer.update
  • customer.address.add
  • customer.group.list
  • product.image.add
  • product.image.update
  • product.image.delete
  • product.review.list

5. Prestashop (bridge integration) and Prestashop API (API integration)

Corrected the functionality of the parameter password in the customer.addmethod

Added field output tax_id, identification_number in the customer.list, customer.info, order.list.info methods

6. Woocommerce (bridge integration)

Improved the performance of the method order.list

7. Woocommerce (bridge integration) and Woocommerce API (API integration)

Added support plugin Woocommerce Product Bundles in the product.list, product.info method added field group_items

8. Squarespace

Added support of webhooks, the following events are supported: order.add, order.update

9. Bol

The following methods have been added:

  • account.cart.add
  • account.config.update
  • account.supported.platforms
  • cart.validate
  • cart.delete
  • cart.info
  • product.list
  • product.info
  • product.count
  • order.list
  • order.info
  • order.status.list
  • order.update.json (only in status cancel) + order.shipment.add
  • order.shipment.list
  • order.shipment.info

10. Shopify

API2Cart now works with Shopify via the API version 2023-04.

Added support for the manage_stock parameter to the product.variant.add method.

11. Bigcommerce

The store_id parameter has been added to the category.list, category.info, category.count, category.add methods.

The store_ids field has been added to the response of the product.list, product.info methods.

The sales channels information is now displayed in the stores_info field in the response of the cart.info method.

Added support for multistock inventory:

  • The warehouses field is filled in the cart.info response.
  • The warehouse_id parameter has been added to the product.add, product.update, product.variant.add, product.variant.update methods.
  • The inventory field is filled in the product.list, product.info, product.child_item.list, product.child_item.info responses.

12. Other changes

Fixed the logging of Shipping Service Logs (Live Shipping rates) - New fields have been added to the logs: : Error Code, Error Message

Added a new general grid API Logs (Developers->API Logs)

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