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Easy Shopping Platform API Integration for Ad Management Tools

Connect your ad management software to Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, PrestaShop and other eCommerce platforms via a unified API by API2Cart

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Good integration with shopping platforms is the lifeblood of your business.

It powers the majority of features and processes that every eCommerce ad management software covers. Read more in the Use Case

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    The Challenges of eCommerce Ad Management Solutions

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    The need to integrate with shopping platforms

    Ad management solutions greatly depend on integration with multiple shopping platforms, as carrying out key functions requires access to order, customer, and product information from online stores
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    The need to increase the customers’ base

    It’s essential to reach out to e-merchants and convert them into loyal clients. To do this, it’s important to add new features and cover all the possible clients' needs
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    The need to outstanding out from the competitors

    As the competition in the eCommerce software space continues to heat up, businesses are looking for ways to stand out from their competitors. It is vital to make sure that your ad management software has better features than your competitors' ones
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    The need to access data from online stores

    For you, as an ad management software provider, merchants’ e-shops are a valuable asset because that is where your system gets information on orders, customers, and products to run their functions

    How API2Cart Can Help Your Ad Management Software To Solve Its Challenges

    API2Cart allows you to develop API integration between your ad management tool and multiple shopping platforms at once and retrieve all the necessary data via provided API methods to perform your software functions

    • Integrate your software with all the shopping platforms you need via one connection
    • Increase the pool of your potential customers by proposing your solution to e-merchants who have their stores on different platforms
    • Use API2Cart API methods that allow working with the e-store data related to products, orders, and categories
    • Save your company’s time and money needed for integrations development
    • Use a pricing plan that perfectly covers all your needs
    • Enjoy our free 24/7 customer support service

    What Cases You Can Resolve With API2Cart

    Unified shopping cart integration saves you

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    Connect to dozens of platforms via one integration. It's months of expensive development work avoided
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    Minimize TCO. In-house IT costs on integration with multiple shopping carts are up to 9 times more expensive than integration via API2Cart
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    Human resources

    Concentrate on what matters for your business. We take care of platform updates / the API maintenance

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