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Integration with API2Cart allows your ERP to do the following:

  • retrieve products lists along with images, descriptions, attributes, variants, etc. and organise them into feeds
  • update inventory levels on all storefronts to show accurate items quantity
  • view and forecast inventory levels
  • get lists of orders, as well as order details
  • determine shipping details (e.g. names, addresses, tracking orders, and carriers)
  • automate, schedule, and customize tasks to run only for specific storesget all necessary data for detailed reports
  • avoid the need to maintain all of the connections
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Unified shopping cart integration saves you

Connect to dozens of platforms via one integration. It's months of expensive development work avoided.
Spend on integration once. No need to pay more on custom development.
Human resources
Concentrate on what matters for your business. We take care of platform updates / the API maintenance

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