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If you are a dropshipping automation software provider, then we are sure that you know how crucial it is to establish Amazon integration. By having it, you will be able to automate your client’s processes when they are selling the products over this online marketplace and other sales channels via your solution. 

With the advancement and expansion of eCommerce, many online-based sellers require an instrument which would allow them to deal with difficulties related to clients' data managing and order processing. And that’s why you should deliver credible services that would enable them to operate without any hiccups. Nevertheless, for providing an excellent service to your customers, you have to connect your software with Amazon and other popular online marketplaces.

It goes without saying, Amazon now holds the position of the best marketplace in the entire world. That is why many software and app providers want to invest in Amazon integration.

In this article, you can explore how to easily develop Amazon dropshipping API integration and look more into the problems that come with this integration.

Amazon SP API

SP API (Selling Partner API) is an application programming interface developed by Amazon, which facilitates the connection of third-party applications and systems to Amazon


Key features and capabilities of Amazon SP API:

  • Access to Seller Data: SP-API permits access to the seller data, that is, orders, listings, and performance statistics.
  • Fulfillment and Shipment Management: The SP-API enables monitoring of fulfillment orders and follow-up shipments.
  • Financial Information: SP-API allows access to financial information such as financial event data and transaction detailing.
  • Listings Management: SP-API enables the addition of new items or the creation of variations of a single item, as well as updating pricing and inventory info for each listing.
  • Reports and Analytics: SP-API gives permission to ask for different reports and analytics with the aim of tracking performance and sales trends.

Challenges and Benefits of Amazon Integration for Dropshipping Software Providers

However, Amazon integration has several advantages and disadvantages to eCommerce software providers. Here are some of the key benefits and challenges of Amazon integration for dropshipping automation software providers.


  • Market Access: Being integrated with Amazon gives an opportunity to have a foothold in one of the biggest online markets across the globe. This increases sales possibilities for eCommerce software providers, enabling them to interact with Amazon sellers
  • Increased Sales: Amazon is a popular and reliable eCommerce marketplace. The integration provides a way for dropshipping software providers to benefit from Amazon’s huge number of users in order to make many software sales
  • Access to Necessary Data: Integrating with Amazon provides the possibility to get, manage, and sync Amazon data related to products, orders, categories, and so on. Such data is highly important to receive for dropshipping software as it allows it to perform its core functions


  • API Complexity: The APIs used by Amazon are sometimes not easy to understand, and using them requires deep insights into how they function
  • Compliance: Amazon’s policy mandates that sellers and eCommerce software providers ought to comply with its terms and conditions under the penalty of fines or suspension of accounts
  • Costs: Integrating with Amazon comes along with huge costs
  • Support and Maintenance: It is also crucial to provide ongoing technical support and maintenance of integration to ensure that technical problems are solved, as well as to update any component of the integrated system to work seamlessly

The Development of Amazon Dropshipping API Integration via API2Cart

API2Cart has designed a powerful solution that allows the integration of dropshipping automation software with more than 40 shopping carts and marketplaces simultaneously. Dropshipping automation solutions can access, edit, update, delete, and sync all important data from the most popular eCommerce platforms using a single unified API by API2Cart. 

inventory software integration via api2cart

The dropshipping solution can use a number of possibilities provided by API2Cart unified API and API methods. For example:

  • Through a single API, the dropshipping system can connect to more than 40 shopping platforms and marketplaces to obtain all the required information from them
  • Possibility of gathering customers’ personal information such as name, billing address, shipment address through API2Cart API methods
  • The ability to synchronize orders among different channels

Additionally, we have a team of engineers and managers who can offer technical assistance in case of any problems.

Connect with us and get your first month of trial of using API2Cart for free! Develop Amazon dropshipping API integration easily.

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