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Updated 23 March 2020 | Anastasia Kholod

Application Programming Interface appears to be the most hyped term in all eCommerce industry right now. A lot of merchants try to measure API’s worth and realise the business value of it.  Whereas they are possessing minimum knowledge in a basic understanding of the technology that is behind the Application Programming Interface.

Talking more broadly, API provides a way to perform connections to various computer soft. It facilitates interactions between applications, different code modules or backend IT systems as well as establishes data sharing between components.

API itself isn’t totally new concept, however, as computer systems are becoming more complex, the need for using this technology has increased rapidly. And now we are all witnessing its prevalence in the Web because vendors use the Internet as the main network through which they integrate their systems with various shopping platforms.

Developing an Application Programming Interface doesn’t contribute to a seamless job and has to be designed with programmers and target users in mind. When talking about full-functioned API design, it could be said that there are some key qualities that each API interface should have. In order to make your API response effectively, it must satisfy some functional and nonfunctional requirements. However, they may vary, depending on the context, but still, most likely include:

  • Scalability. Displays the possibility to handle rapid traffic load.
  • Security. Protects customers from attacks.
  • Reliability. Strong enough to minimize downtime.
  • Usability. Appears to be easy for developers to use.
  • Testability. Allows programmers to tinker with the functionality.

API2Cart is an online solution that provides single API to establish connection to 40+ shopping carts in fast and secure way. While designing service’s unified API, our Team strived to satisfy both users and developers demands.

API2Cart has highly scalable and flexible infrastructure due to which you are able to integrate an unlimited number of clients’ stores. Security is extremely crucial, so you are provided with a unique 32-symbol API Key to access the system as well as SSL certificate is used to ensure integration security. API2Cart appears to be reliable solution with 99,9% uptime guarantee. Usability is also very important, that’s why both static and interactive documentations are presented in order to make API2Cart a clear tool to use. Code samples are here to help you get started with API2Cart in no time.

API2Cart can be integrated with such eCommerce soft:

  • Inventory management.Easily connect to various shopping platforms and sync products and orders with your inventory management soft.
  • Mobile commerce.Sync products info and price as well as orders from the clients’ stores in order to reflect changes into m-shop effortlessly.
  • Data feed management.Retrieve products, orders, customers, categories and other related information from eCommerce store, process it within your system and send the info to various channels to establish excellent data feed service.
  • Other solutions.

So, dispel all doubts and integrate your eCommerce soft with such industry leaders like Magento, Bigcommerce, WooCommerce, Shopify, PrestaShop, OpenCart and others. API2Cart will help you to perform integration with these platforms in extremely fast and secure way. Once you integrate with API2Cart, get access to all supported platforms automatically. If you have some questions to ask, schedule a FREE Consultation with our expert. Stay competitive with API2Cart!

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