Ecwid Integrations for SaaS Providers

Updated 1 September 2023 |

A growing number of eCommerce software vendors are coming to realize the benefits of Ecwid integrations. This modern shopping platform is used by countless e-shop owners from all over the globe, who can easily create their sites and start selling ASAP.

This platform, used by over 600,000 merchants from over 75 countries of the globe, has experienced a surge in the last couple of months. The COVID-19 lockdown mainly triggered it. People have realized that selling online is the only way they can save their offline businesses. So, they migrated in large numbers towards Ecwid. As a result, the number of prospective clients of SaaS app providers who propose WMS, shipping, order & inventory, or pricing solutions has grown in time.

If you are a SaaS app provider, you should consider investing in integration with Ecwid. By connecting your service to it, you’ll be able to tap into a vast market of eCommerce stores that use Ecwid as their primary platform to sell online. Once integrated, you’ll quickly get product lists with names, prices, descriptions, and categories. You’ll also have the possibility to work with customer and order data.

By integrating your solution with Ecwid, you’ll be able to grow your customer database, retrieve a wider range of info, discover new functionalities that you can propose to your clients, and increase your profits.

Ecwid API

To leverage all the benefits of Ecwid for your business, it is mandatory to connect to Ecwid API. A strong Ecwid integration that is secure and errorproof can help you gain an advantage over your direct competitors. To better understand how to integrate your business with the Ecwid API, it is vital to know how it works.

Ecwid API comes with oAuth2 authentication, being a RESTful. Any developer can access the platform and add new interfaces and customize data. Thanks to the oAuth2 authorization, the application installation flow is seamless and smooth.

The login process is similar to the standard “login with Google” or “login with Facebook”, so the developers and merchants can log in without having to paste any API keys or remember passwords. As a SaaS app provider, you can gain a high level of control and manage data at a granular level.

A uniform REST interface presented in the Ecwid API allows creating, updating, and deleting the data from stores built on this platform.

Connecting to Ecwid API makes it possible to work with:

  • Products, product variations, attributes
  • Image gallery
  • Inventories
  • Store categories
  • Customers
  • Orders
  • Coupons

Ecwid Integration Challenges

Ecwid, just like any other eCommerce platform, has its specifics in integration. The problem is that the process of Ecwid connection development is costly, brain-racking, and extremely time-consuming.

A flawless integration might take months to achieve, especially if you don’t have a solid team behind this process. Additionally, the integration comes with substantial security risks. Data breaches and cyber attacks have become increasingly common nowadays. A single targeted attack that steals thousands of customer data can harm a company’s reputation.

In addition to the security challenges, the API integration with Ecwid also comes with the risk of costly maintenance. After the connection to the Ecwid API is established, the crucial part of the story is just beginning. You’ll need at least one developer up and ready to support the already-implemented connection and upgrade it continually. Without proper maintenance, any change to one of the components may mess up the entire data manipulation process.

Ecwid API Integration

Ecwid API Integration Development

Explore how Ecwid integration can help your business become more competitive.


How to Develop Ecwid Integrations Easily?

Hiring a developer for the Ecwid integrations is not just costly, but also extremely dangerous. You run the risk of cyberattacks, failed integration, or lack of maintenance. Without a robust integration with Ecwid in place, you won’t be able to grow and expand your business.

The best way to overcome all of these challenges is to use a reliable shopping platform integration service like API2Cart.

API2Cart provides a unified API for developing a connection with Ecwid and 40+ other eCommerce platforms. No risks of security threats or lack of maintenance. Instead, you can gain peace of mind that you’ll enjoy a flawless connection while saving both time and money.

API2Cart allows access to the data of your customers’ e-stores built on Ecwid or any other platform. You can easily manage the info on orders, products, customers, shipments, prices, and taxes.

Usage of API2Cart allows you to cut the cost involved in developing separate integrations and reduce the time needed for it.

Instead of overcoming all the obstacles of Ecwid integrations, why not avoid them altogether? You can do that thanks to API2Cart.

If you want to find out how API2Cartl works, do not hesitate to contact us now. You can use the service for 30-days for free.

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