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If you are a software/app provider, especially for eСommerce, there is no doubt why it is necessary to develop a Flipkart marketplace API integration. It helps your customers, who are selling their items at Flipkart’s marketplace, automate various business activities using your solution. Consequently, for online store owners, it is always a question of ways and means to develop business and keep the reins in one’s hands. Working with Flipkart sellers is another good option if your software or app can allow this.

With the expansion of eCommerce, lots of online vendors need an application that can store customer info and process orders. This enables you to offer reliable services to enable them to conduct their businesses successfully. Nonetheless, to provide high-quality customer service, it is imperative to integrate your app with Flipkart or any other similar platform.

Flipkart has witnessed tremendous gains in credibility and international recognition as a top online marketplace. This has created a lot of interest among such software and app providers to develop superior integration with Flipkart.

Below, we will discuss some ways in which to enhance the integration of your solution with Flipkart API and its pros and cons. 

What is Flipkart Marketplace?

Flipkart Marketplace is an Indian online marketplace and eCommerce platform. Established in 2007, it is currently among the biggest and most prominent eCommerce online marketplaces within its region. Third-party sellers can list their products on Flipkart, which provides them with access to a large number of Indian customers.

In India, Flipkart operates against other eCommerce giants such as Amazon India. Flipkart is one of the most famous platforms, having numerous users who can make an order, as well as many sellers who are targeting Indian customers.

Many SaaS providers search for ways to develop integration with Flipkart as it can allow them to propose their service to a great number of Flipkart sellers. 

What is Flipkart Marketplace API?

One of India’s biggest online vendors, Flipkart provides an array of application programming APIs known as Flipkart Marketplace API. They form a base for third-party developers to create their apps for accessing certain features and functions of this marketplace on a programmatic basis.

Here are some common functionalities and endpoints that you may find in Flipkart Marketplace API:

  1. Product Listing API: This API allows you to list your products on Flipkart's platform. You can provide product details, images, pricing information, and other relevant data.

  2. Order Management API: With this API, you can manage orders received through Flipkart, including order retrieval, order processing, order cancellation, and updating order status.

  3. Product Information API: You can retrieve detailed product information, including titles, descriptions, pricing, and availability.

  4. Inventory Management API: This API enables you to manage your product inventory, including updating stock levels and product availability status.

  5. Pricing and Promotion API: You can use this API to set and manage pricing for your products on Flipkart. It may also include features related to discounts and promotions.

  6. Returns and Refunds API: This API allows you to handle returns and refunds for orders placed on Flipkart.

  7. Seller Performance Metrics API: You can access data on your seller performance, including metrics like order defect rate, customer feedback, and fulfillment performance.

  8. Shipping and Fulfillment API: This API helps you manage shipping and fulfillment of orders, including tracking information and delivery status.

  9. Category and Catalog API: You can browse product categories and retrieve catalog data through this API.

  10. Reports and Analytics API: Some e-commerce platforms provide APIs to access sales and analytics data to help sellers make informed decisions.

Pros and Cons of Flipkart Integration for SaaS?

Connecting an app or software to Flipkart marketplace is known as Flipkart integration.

Hence, it enables access and transfer of different types of data between Flipkart and the particular software. By integrating your solution with Flipkart API, you will find it easy to track orders, product info, etc.

While you may offer a solution like multi-channel, shipping, order, or inventory management, a strong integration of your services with Flipkart would enable you access to Flipkart’s pool of sellers.

It is not easy to integrate your solution with the Flipkart marketplace API without using a third-party tool like API2Cat. Software and app providers face different difficulties on their way to connect to Flipkart. This requires an experienced developer, which takes time to build the integration. For an unskilled developer, it may take about two months or more!

Integration may be a problem because the Flipkart API Docs have a few practical examples, and it is intricate. Moreover, Flipkart’s support department may not prove fast enough, causing delays of more than a day in responding to problems.

It would be preferable to have experienced developers who will help in integrating Flipkart seamlessly. Usually, a developer can earn between $80,000 and $120,000 annually. Moreover, constant help is required even after integration development.

How to Connect Your Software with Flipkart Easily?

The unified API of the API2Cart allows you to integrate your software or an app service with Flipkart and 40+ other popular eCommerce platforms and marketplaces at one go. API2Cart would help you overcome Flipkart integration problems and receive multiple advantages of connection to this marketplace.


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