Flipkart Price API: How to Manage Prices On Flipkart

Updated 8 May 2024 |


The Indian eCommerce industry is thriving and Flipkart is the giant who is at the forefront. For software developers in the eCommerce sector, integrating Flipkart into their systems is a game changer. This quest is all about learning how to leverage Flipkart's Price API, which is a very powerful tool that provides developers with an option of automatic synchronization and management of product prices from their software. In the following article, we go deeper into the details of creating a smooth connection between your software and one of Asia's biggest eCommerce platforms.

This guide is comprehensive and is made with the precision of a developer with the goal of explaining the technicalities and strategies of API integration. From authentication to real-time price updates, you'll go through the Flipkart Price API to see how to use it to keep your clients competitive in a dynamic pricing environment.

What is Flipkart Price API?

Flipkart API is a comprehensive set of web services provided by Flipkart that allow users to quickly and easily access its platform. The functionalities area includes product listing, order management, and seller management account, which provides opportunities for third-party applications and services to be integrated with Flipkart’s huge marketplace. Thus, automation and system synchronization is made possible, connecting Flipkart to different software and performing its operations smoothly.

The Flipkart Price API, which is just one of the components of the Flipkart API suite, is for handling price of products on the platform. It gives to the developer the power to get and edit prices of goods listed on Flipkart.

How To Work with Flipkart Prices via Its API?

Here's how it is possible to work with prices via Flipkart API:

  • API Functionality: The UpdateListingsPriceAPI allows programmatically updating the listed products' . It enables changing of both Maximum Retail Price (MRP) and the seller's own Selling Price for products with unique Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) in the seller's account.
  • Authorization: Actually, this API needs authorization to access a seller's account and change it. This authorization includes getting seller-specific Flipkart API credentials.
  • Use Cases for Developers: Developers of software can use this API as part of price management functions for applications designed for Flipkart sellers. Here are some examples:

    - Inventory Management Systems: The inventory management system will communicate with the Flipkart API by this API, and automatically update prices based on predefined rules or stock levels.

    - Pricing Automation Tools: The pricing automation tool could apply the API to make real-time price alterations depending on competitor pricing or market conditions.

However, it is important for you to know that this API manages the pricing of a seller's own products and doesn't have any access to the general Flipkart product pricing information.

How to Easily Connect Your Software to Flipkart 

has enormous potential for the growth of your business. Nevertheless, the latter one with advanced API integrations that is quite complicated could be too hard. This is exactly where API2Cart comes in, armed with a user-friendly interface that simplifies the integration process.

API2Cart will be the middleman between your software and the Flipkart marketplace that is also among others. It is a unified API that removes the need of learning and working with platform's specific APIs like that of Flipkart's, for instance.

That is the way how API2Cart connects your software to Flipkart: 

  • Create an API2Cart Account:
  • Connect Your Software: Integrate the API2Cart API into your software using their well-documented libraries and code examples.
  • Connect Your Flipkart Store: Give API2Cart your Flipkart store credentials to authorize the connection.
  • Start Managing Flipkart Data: Apply API2Cart functionalities for the efficient management of products, orders, inventory, and customer data between your software.

By using API2Cart, developers can perform different operations like fetching product lists, order management, updating products details, and inventory synchronization. API2Cart is a tool designed to provide a software with the ability to update and access price details. Also, API2Cart is secured so that all data transfers are encrypted and that safety standards are up to the best level. In this regard, API2Cart with its detailed documentation and technical support is meant to be connected to Flipkart.


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