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Updated 26 September 2022 |

Today, the world of eCommerce is showing incredible results and dynamic growth. Do you know that according to Statista portal 1.8 billion consumers around the world purchased more than $2.8 trillion worth of products from approximately 25 million online stores in 2018? Global e-retail sales are expected to double by 2021. It sounds impossible, but numbers speak for themselves. That is why e-retailers are searching for software like yours that can help them to automate their process and sell their products more effectively and fast. Working with retailers e-stores requires the shopping cart API integration between your software and various platforms like Magento, Shopify, etc.

For a significant amount of B2B services, integration with shopping carts and marketplaces is highly crucial because the access to data that they can get from these sources forms the basis of their activities. But how to reduce integration costs, save time on the integration with each shopping cart software separately, and benefit from the market opportunities? The answer is simple: to use a unified API for connection with multiple shopping platforms.

Application Programming Interface or API is a set of determined methods that allow different software to communicate with each other. For example, if you have a B2B eCommerce service and need to receive and manipulate data from your client’s shopping cart solutions, you can do it easily through the use of the application’s API. It is an amazing option for those businesses that work in the field of shipping, warehouse and inventory management, marketing automation, dropshipping, mobile app development, price optimization, etc. If you are thinking about making the API integration with shopping platforms a part of your strategy and take full control over it, consider using Enterprise On-Premise solution by API2Cart.

Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Certainly Implement a Unified Shopping Cart API Integration Into Your Business Model

API2Cart Enterprise On-Premise is the perfect solution for high-volume B2B software vendors that work in the sphere of eCommerce and propose their services to online sellers.

Implemented in the business system, it allows your solution to get connected to 40+ shopping platforms and marketplaces via just one integration. API2Cart provides a unified API to perform an interaction with online stores based on any of the supported platforms and work with all the necessary e-store data.

Here are the main benefits of using API2Cart Enterprise On-Premise solution:

  1. Access to dozens of shopping platforms and marketplaces
  2. There are several of the most popular shopping cart software systems in the world: BigCommerce, Shopify, 3DCart, PrestaShop, Volusion, Opencart, and Magento. Also, a great number of sellers prefer marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, etc. for the promotion of their products. You can integrate with these and the other supported platforms via one API that gives you the possibility to organize and automate the e-retail businesses of your clients with no additional efforts.

  3. Time and cost-saving
  4. The average monthly salary of developers around the world ranges from $2000 to $6000. Each integration of your software with the shopping cart of your client can take weeks or even months of work for your developer. So, if you can save thousands of dollars on the integration and have no worries about maintaining separate connectors why not do it?

  5. 100+ methods to manage data
  6. APIs give the possibility to receive and manipulate the necessary data from shopping carts such as information about products, categories, orders, customers, basket and tax.

    The API documentation of API2Cart can help you to pick up the features attractive to your clients.

  7. High-level security
  8. If you work internationally and have more than 500 clients you must ensure them maximum data security during the process of integration. API2Cart developed an additional Enterprise On-Premise solution especially for those who understand the relationship of high-level safety to their company’s reputation. It gives the possibility to control who can manage your API2Cart server infrastructure by using the functionality provided by Amazon Web Service (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform, make all requests over HTTPS protocol, supervise all connections with your clients via your software and use a unique key to get necessary store data.

  9. Automatic updating
  10. Your business has a very defined purpose. For example, if you are a multichannel commerce solution you take care of your client’s inventory, orders, and shipping operations. Using the unified shopping cart API of API2Cart you can focus on your activity as API2Cart takes care of integration updates.

  11. Flexibility of the system
  12. The market of eCommerce is changing every day. The capabilities and functionality of shopping carts are constantly enhanced. For you as B2B software is very important to explore and implement new features and win more clients. You can make any desired changes that are connected with the process of integration on your own if you use the API2Cart Enterprise solution.

  13. Increase the number of clients
  14. Millions of eCommerce stores are your potential customers. Using a unified shopping cart API gives you the opportunity to handle your clients’ requests promptly and efficiently. A satisfied client is a key to the success of your business.

API2Cart On-Premise Solution: Perfect Way of Development of Connection With Various Shopping Cart Software

API2Cart Enterprise On-Premise supports more than 40 shopping platforms and the most popular marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, Etsy and Walmart and allows you to connect with all of them by leveraging unified API. The main advantage of the Enterprise On-Premise solution is that you can implement the system into your business and control its activity independently and solely.

API2Cart empowers you with the ability to operate all needed data from your clients’ stores and to perform integration easier and safer. You will be able to forget about the long integration time and huge budgets.

Before implementing the service into your business infrastructure, you can use it for 30-days free. It will give you the possibility to see how it works and helps your application to integrate with multiple shopping platforms easily and with no risks.

For more details on how API2Cart Enterprise On-Premise can help your business to integrate with multiple shopping platforms, contact us with a message or schedule a quick call with our expert. Or you can find the info on how to get started with Enterprise On-Premise and how much does it cost in our "Enterprise On-Premise Solution Guide". And if you decide to use this plan they will give you all the necessary support 24/7.

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