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Updated 31 August 2023 | Anastasia Kholod

Do you provide order management, shipping, multi-channel, repricing or any other eCommerce solution? Then you know that to stay competitive in a constantly changing e-market, you have to implement innovation into your business. Shopify integration is what can drastically expand your business opportunities.

This article will tell you more about all the benefits you can get with Shopify integration and one simple way to integrate with this and 40 other eCommerce platforms at once.

What is Shopify API?

Shopify API is a tool that allows software providers to receive access to the data from Shopify-based online stores and incorporate it into their own products.

The API supports both XML and JSON, and works with HTTP requests formatted as GET, POST, PUT, or DELETE. Shopify API works with various methods, including Category, Customer, Order, Product, etc. (see them in the API Reference section at the bottom left of the documentation). The methods have different purposes and may differ in certain properties.

Shopify frequently updates its API. SaaS app providers that want to work with Shopify store data should be aware of that. They need to monitor continuously what the Shopify API version is relevant. Otherwise, the API connection won't be reliable.

Shopify Integration

Shopify integration refers to the process of tying any SaaS application with the Shopify platform. Those software providers who want to sell their services to online retailers who use Shopify should consider the importance of making their products compatible with this platform.

Without the development of a reliable Shopify integration, software providers cannot assist e-store owners in automating their e-retail processes.

For example, if you want to import orders from Shopify-based stores into your shipping software, you will need to build a connection between your system and Shopify.

Otherwise, you will not be able to filter orders by parameters, create shipments, or update order statuses.

Shopify API integration can provide eCommerce software vendors with a range of benefits. Let’s explore them in detail.

Reasons Why You Should Develop Integration Between Your Software and Shopify

Below are the main benefits of developing Shopify integration.

Expand your client base

Shopify has 3.7 million live websites built on its platform. By establishing Shopify integration, you can connect with all these online stores that can become your potential customers. When you introduce your software after integrating with advanced features, they can become your loyal customers. If you want to expand your business and get more clients who need your services, you need to connect to a platform that can give you the opportunity to work with more clients.

Expand your market share

Shopify is one of the most popular platforms in the world. It is well-known in 175 countries worldwide. When you develop the Shopify integration with your eCommerce software, you have the opportunity to expand your business to international markets. This leads to an increase in your market share, which ultimately benefits your company, ROI and profit.

Access Shopify store data

Shopify integration allows software vendors to take advantage of a number of benefits. In order for eCommerce software to work effectively, perform its core functions, and provide advanced features to online store owners, it must access store data from online stores based on eCommerce platforms. To access the data of a Shopify store, you need to develop a connection with that platform.

Expand the functionality of your software

As an eCommerce software provider, you need to provide your clients with up-to-date and competitive services. The competition is fierce, and other software vendors will continue to develop more advanced features. Once your clients have turned to your competitors, it is unlikely they will buy from you again. For this reason, it is important to upgrade your software with advanced functionality. Shopify integration development can help you add this advanced functionality to your current software. You can use integration to gain the data you need to enable your software to perform its core functions, thereby gaining an edge over your competitors.

Increase your income

When you work with more clients, offer your services to more people, and expand your business internationally, you end up increasing your bottom line. As your business becomes popular all over the world, more and more people will get to know about your services and hence turn to you for a SaaS solution.

Shopify API Integration

Shopify API Integration Development

Explore how Shopify integration can help your business become more competitive.

What are the Challenges of Integration and How API2Cart Can Help?

Every integration with eCommerce platform entails common challenges that multiply as the number of platforms to connect to grows. In particular, vendors deal with the following:

  • considerable expenses (which equal hundreds of development hours multiplied by $60 as an average developer hourly rate)
  • lengthy and complex process (which includes learning the logic put into the architecture of the shopping cart, building the integration pattern, and finally writing the code)
  • more expenses (the connections have to not only be maintained but also upgraded to the latest versions of the platforms; if they differ from the previous ones a lot, there appear more integrations to develop)

Solution for Easy Integration Development

API2Cart allows you to overcome all these challenges. What's highly important is that via only one API you will be able to get and process data from Shopify and 40+ other shopping carts, including Magento, WooCommerce, Bigcommerce, and PrestaShop.

New versions of shopping carts will come out, but you won’t need to worry about that. We will make the upgrades on our side so you can focus on other issues.

Currently API2Cart provides API methods for Shopify platform to work with:

  • products
  • product variants
  • categories
  • orders
  • shipments
  • coupons
  • baskets
  • customers
  • taxes

For details on how API2Cart works and how we can help you integrate with many e-retail platforms, contact us with a message or schedule a call with our representative. Also, try how our API can work for your business.

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