API as a Key Success Factor in e-Business

Published 9 September 2014 | Updated 24 October 2019 |

apis in digital transformation

If you are not a web developer, you have likely never heard about API, the abbreviation of Application Programming Interface. But you really don’t have to be one to use it. You may not even realise the fact that you are heavy on API. Such kind of novelty is newsworthy to take in-depth look.

So, what is an API?

In the simplest description, an API is a set of programming instructions that allows particular programs to communicate or interact with each other. This feature enhances the functionality of both applications. APIs signify some of the program modules in a limited way to access to a proper set of features. Furthermore, it enables applications to allocate data and take actions without sharing all software’s code. Application programming interface facilitates the process and opens new horizons, whatever the metaphor is used to indicate it - window, door or something.

For instance, have you ever wondered how you can post photos to your favourite social network via your phone? Moreover, how it automatically marks the place where the shot was taken on the map? It’s all about API magic that allows to communicate your phone with Google Maps, GPS and Facebook in a way you even do not notice it. Hundreds and thousands of tools that business and individuals use every day are based on API.

Nowadays APIs influence on the digital market and dictate conditions of creating new apps that are joined to bigger web services. However, all these facts have a great effect on e-Commerce. Taking a broad view, the APIs availability for major services is the last word in the world of digit and e-Business.

How API effects on e-Commerce?

At the same time as APIs are widely used outside e-market, their usage in e-Commerce is growing at a high pace. They may bring about faster time-to-market for a new product or service development and also assimilate new market channels.

Many e-merchants try to do their best to keep up with their competitors. So, they have to go in time with all the innovations. With APIs the reach to their products and services can be easily increased by distributing them to multiple marketplaces like Ebay, Amazon and other. Furthermore, possibilities of e-business could be extended by setting up an e-store as a mobile app at MobiCart or ShopGate. Another option that came to real because of API is opportunity to compare prices within the industry and automatically set up lower prices for your products.

There are plenty of other options how API can help web store owner in achieving significant results with little efforts. However, it is the way how it looks from the front end - merchant simply signups for a service and may not even realize that he or she is using API on daily basis.

So, how high-tech innovators design fascinating tools and make it work via API? Some of them use API2Cart. Lets take in-depth look at it as a service to understand all the details.

API2Cart as a great solution for e-Commerce

One of the main purposes of digital profit making is to give high-quality services to satisfy clients’ requirements. But it’s hard to be the best without using API. Moreover, for appropriate communication it’s needed to design numerous API structures. This immense work doesn’t contribute to a seamless job. The process is long-term and complex.

A great solution to the problem is API2Cart - a unified tool for shopping cart integration. Using one single API module, it performs integration with more than 30 shopping carts. In aggregate with all versions it covers 80%-85% of the whole e-market. Which literally extends the number of your potential clients up to 600 000. You will be able to retrieve, update and sync all the information you need, including products, customers details, orders and many others.

With API2Cart you will save time and money on development of multiple integration methods. You don’t have to pay for developing different API modules since this service provides you with single API. Furthermore, it won’t cut into your job as a result you save your developers’ resources and you may carry on doing profitable business in no time. Your service will be up to date because API is a turning point in e-Commerce. Moreover, it will bring you a killing set of features to broaden the functionality and flexibility. You get more opportunities to satisfy all customers needs and requirements.

API2Cart can be enrich functionality of the following e-Commerce systems:

    • Mobile commerce;
    • Accounting system;

    • Social commerce;

    • E-mail marketing;

    • Inventory management;

    • Order management;

    • Comparison shopping engines;

    • Analytics system;

    • Reprising system;

    • Other third-party systems.

If you are still wondering to move your business to a new level, don’t waste your time, go through a simple registration registration and enjoy all API2Cart benefits or contact our Sales Manager for more information.