API2Cart API Methods for Mobile App Building System

Published 8 February 2019 | Updated 24 September 2020 |

mobile app building api

Nowadays, building a mobile app for a web store is easier, simpler and more affordable. Using mobile app building system online store owners can create and publish their own mobile apps without the hassle of knowing how to code the app itself.

As e-retailers build their stores based on different platforms, for you as a mobile app building service provider, integration with these platforms is crucial. However, each platform has a specific way of data storage. This means that you need to elaborate integration module for each platform separately. It would be a bit hard because the process of developing is complex and requires a lot of time and money spendings to be done.  

A better solution is to use a unified API by API2Cart and avoid the necessity to make separate connections. By performing one integration with API2Cart, your system can retrieve, add, and update the needed data from more than 40 shopping platforms including Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, Prestashop and many other.

API2Cart has rich capabilities for mobile app builders. We provide the whole scope of functionality to get and manage all needed info on products, orders, shipments, customers, stock levels, etc. Let’s dig deeper into the methods API2cart has for such software.

Product info Sync

Use product.list method to get list of products along with all related info and images.

Get details on product variants via product.variant.info method.

Sync Inventory

Check and update product quantities

Access to accurate Inventory data is vital for avoiding errors and overselling. Double check product availability by using product.info method, which returns items’ quantity in stock.

Sync Orders

There are two ways to learn about new orders on stores:

First is setting the webhooks for order.add event to get notified every time the new order is placed. Using webhooks is much more beneficial way in comparison to polling an API, as it decreases the server load, saves api requests, and provides more up-to-date info.

Another option for tracking new orders is executing order.list method once in a while to get list of products to be imported to your system. Filter orders by create time with created_from and created_to parameters.

Add new orders with order.add method.

Manage customer info

Retrieve all customers details you need via customer.info and customer.list methods.

Sync shopping carts

Use basket.item.add to sync shoppers carts on app with the cart on the webstore.

Work with Categories

API2Cart provides ability to work with categories in a number of ways. In particular, we have the following methods:

Find all supported methods here or in our documentation. In case you have any questions, you can schedule a call with our representative to get more details on how API2Cart can help your business.