Abandoned Cart API Method: A Key to Your Cart Recovery Business

Published 24 July 2015 | Updated 22 May 2020 |

abandoned cart api

The opportunity of making money online attracts hundreds of people worldwide. Inspired by the success of many, they become e-retailers by creating their online stores on different eCommerce platforms. As sales start growing, they still lose about 60% of them due to shopping cart abandonment.

Shopping cart abandonment happens when a merchant’s potential customer leaves their order uncompleted because of certain reasons. Among them are not just trivial searches unintended to make a purchase, but also such problems as a better price found elsewhere, webpage lagging / crashing / timing out, a complicated process of placing an order, and even unsuitable delivery options.

The good news for online vendors is that a great percentage of the carts that did not become their profit still can be saved. With the help of your business, of course. The industry boom indicates that demand for abandoned carts recovery is not going to decline. This is where e-merchants’ losses can become a profitable opportunity for your company growth.

There is a sheer abundance of businesses that can and do make the most of data on uncompleted orders. Your current one can be either one of them or bud with a new needed and requested feature. Here is a short / example list of business purposes it goes well with:

  • email marketing solution
  • eCommerce analytics software
  • eCommerce recommendation widget software
  • Cart abandonment software
  • other recovery campaigns that aim to boost conversion rates

To provide such kinds of services, companies need to be able to retrieve information on abandoned orders from the more popular shopping paltforms, the better. This would both multiply the number of potential customers thousandfold and build an all-over solution. Estimate the scope by viewing some statistics on the number of store owners on a few eCommerce platforms:

  • Magento - 240k+
  • WooCommerce - 3m+
  • PrestaShop - 220k+
  • Shopify - 1m+
  • BigCommerce - 60k+
  • CS-Cart - 35k+

The biggest and thorniest problem service providers will face here is integration with shopping platforms, as each separate one is a long and painful process in terms of money and resources. Moreover, the result - a ready integration - will need even further technical maintenance that is no cheap.

API2Cart is what can lend such companies a hand. It reduces the lasting and costly inconveniences up to nothing. You integrate once and get access to the database of 40+ leading eCommerce platforms, which makes up to 80% of the whole digital market, instead of merely one. Once connected, you can retrieve, manipulate and use data not on abandoned carts only, but also customers, products, prices, orders, categories, etc. See the whole list of methods in the table or have a more technical look in the documentation.

The data retrieved with the help of integration with API2Cart can be used to do the following:

  • notify on uncompleted orders immediately
  • alert on payments that did not come through
  • provide statistics on abandoned and recovered carts as well as products and their prices
  • track the purchases made after alert messages were sent

Order.abandoned.list API method is yet supported for Magento, Shopify, OpenCart, WooCommerce, CS-Cart, X-Cart, PrestaShop, Zen Cart, SalesForce Commerce Cloud and osCommerce.

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