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Updated 9 March 2022 | Lexy Mayko

The eCommerce market is increasing rapidly every day. More and more retailers choose to develop their businesses online as it helps them to increase their possibilities a lot. However, running the e-store it not an easy task. To automate and make their business activity less complicated, retailers usually use special software like abandoned cart solutions. Such systems help to recover abandoned carts and make online stores more profitable.

However, to be able to provide their solutions to online sellers, abandoned cart software vendors should develop the integration between their systems and various shopping platforms used for the building of e-stores.

If you propose such kind of service, then this article will be useful for you. We are going to explore the main benefits and difficulties of eCommerce integration for abandoned cart software providers. We also want to give more info on the abandoned cart API method provided by API2Cart that can help you get all the necessary data from online stores and process it by your system easily.

Top Features of Abandoned Cart Recovery Solutions

Shopping cart abandonment happens when a merchant’s potential customer leaves their order uncompleted because of specific reasons. Among them are not just trivial searches unintended to make a purchase. It could also be such problems as a better price found elsewhere, web page lagging/crashing/timing out, a complicated process of placing an order, and even unsuitable delivery options.

The good news for online vendors is that a high percentage of the carts that did not become their profit still can be saved. With the help of cart abandonment software like yours. The industry boom indicates that demand for abandoned carts recovery is not going to decline. This is where e-merchants’ losses can become a profitable opportunity for your company growth.

Cart abandonment software help online merchants to increase their order completion rate and increase their profits in time. Such solutions are responsible for recovering abandoned carts with targeted email campaigns, building precise customer segments for higher cart recovery rates, providing detailed statistics to online sellers that help them to measure their cart abandonment rate. 

Cart Abandonment Software API Integration

Shopping Platform Integration for Cart Abandonment Software

Download this guide and explore how to develop the integration between your cart abandonment software and multiple shopping platforms and marketplaces easily.


To provide such kinds of services, companies need to be able to retrieve information on abandoned orders from the more popular shopping platforms, the better. This would both multiply the number of potential customers thousandfold and build an all-over solution.

That is why cart abandonment solutions much depend on integration with shopping platforms, as carrying out essential functions requires an ability to access order, customer, and product information from online stores built on them. 

However, the process of developing integration with only one shopping platform requires a lot of resources. We are talking about hiring a few more qualified developers who can do this, spending your money on their salaries and waiting weeks till everything be done. Moreover, don't forget about further integration support and updates.

You can try API2Cart and overcome all these issues easily.

Easy Way to Integrate with eCommerce Platforms for Cart Abandonment Solutions

The biggest and thorniest problem service providers will face here is integration with shopping platforms, as each separate one is a long and painful process in terms of money and resources. Moreover, the result - a ready integration - will need even further technical maintenance that is no cheap. 

API2Cart is the online solution that helps B2B software companies to develop the eCommerce API integration. It reduces the lasting and costly inconveniences up to nothing. You integrate once to API2Cart and access the database of 40+ leading eCommerce platforms and marketplaces, which makes up to 80% of the whole digital market, instead of merely one. Once connected, you can retrieve, manipulate and use data not on abandoned carts only, but also the info related to customers, products, prices, orders, categories, etc. See the whole list of methods in the table or have a more professional look in the documentation.

Abandoned Cart API Method for Your Software

API2Cart provides a unified API for easy integration with multiple shopping platforms and marketplaces and all API methods required for managing cart abandonment operations. In particular, connection with your customers' stores via API2Cart enables your cart abandonment software to do the following:

  • send abandoned cart emails
  • make detailed customer segments
  • create emails with personalized recommendations, new products, special offers and discounts
  • organize the data in detailed reports

Let's explore in detail on how you can gather all needed info for abandoned cart recovery emails using abandoned cart API method by API2Cart. For providing this operation, you can use order.abandoned.list method. It allows to retrieve the list of incomplete e-store's orders along with customer emails and names.


The response structure of this method looks like this:

    "return_code": int,
    "return_message": string,
    "result": {
        "orders_count": int,
        "order": [ array            
                "id": int,
                "customer": [ array
                        "id": string,
                        "email": string,
                        "first_name": string,
                        "last_name": string
                "basket_url": string,
                "created_at": string,
                "modified_at": string,
                "currency": [ array
                        "name": string,
                        "code": deprecated,
                        "iso3": string,
                        "symbol_left": string,
                        "symbol_right": string,
                        "rate": decimal
                "totals": [ array
                        "total": decimal,
                        "subtotal": decimal,
                        "shipping": decimal,
                        "tax": decimal,
                        "discount": decimal
                "order_products": [ array
                        "product": [ array
                                "product_id": string,
                                "order_product_id": string,
                                "model": string,
                                "name": string,
                                "price": decimal,
                                "quantity": int,
                                "total_price": decimal,
                                "tax_percent": decimal,
                                "tax_value": decimal,
                                "variant_id": string

Order.abandoned.list API method is yet supported for Magento, Shopify, Shopware, OpenCart, WooCommerce, CS-Cart, X-Cart, PrestaShop, Zen Cart, SalesForce Commerce Cloud and osCommerce.

API2Cart also allows to use product.list and order.abandoned.list methods for sending series of customizable emails to e-stores’ customers with the information about new products, special offers and discounts.


The quality of cart abandonment software depends a lot on its level and quality of integration with shopping platforms. Without such type of connection, such systems' vendors can not propose their services to online sellers and retrieve all the needed info from e-stores for providing their functions. However, the development of integration is a time-consuming process that requires high budgets.

API2Cart is the shopping platform integration solution that can connect any abandoned cart recovery software with multiple platforms and marketplaces at once. Using it, you won't need to take about the integration maintenance or updates.

API2Cart supports the connection with more than 40+ eCommerce platforms, and its usage costs 9 times less compared to the development integration on your own. API2Cart has detailed API Docs and provides high-quality support by chat, email, and phone. We are ready to help you with any questions 24/7.

If you would like to schedule a FREE consultation with our expert to talk about the abandoned cart API method provided by API2Cart, do not hesitate to do so by clicking the button below. Also, you can try our service for 30-days for free by registering your API2Cart account. 

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