Updated 6 July 2020 | Anastasia Kholod

We are excited to present a new series on the API2Cart Blog - B2B eCommerce Monthly. In the series, we will overview the useful and the important of B2B eCommerce related news and articles. If you are a B2B software vendor, e-retailer, or just somehow involved or interested in eCommerce, stay with us to be in the loop with the latest trends of electronic commerce. So, let’s get started!

Here is a quick summary of today’s issue:

  • who are the top B2B eCommerce software vendors for the mid-market?
  • how to select a new B2B eCommerce Platform?
  • 11 New eCommerce Books for Summer
  • how Mobile Commerce Technology is Shaping B2B eCommerce
  • useful tips on how to successfully appoint and manage distributors
  • B2B sellers prefer a unified approach for their eCommerce solution and other.

B2B customers are also B2C consumers, claims Andy Hoar, Analyst at Forrester. According to him, B2B companies can learn from more experienced B2C merchants who have set a standard for customer experience. To discover key B2C tools and best practices to the eCommerce sites, explore Bill Briggs’ article “B2B companies can go to school on B2C websites

Selecting a B2B eCommerce Platform for the B2B organization can be a rather difficult task, check out 6 Best Practices for Choosing B2B eCommerce Platform that will help you to pick the optimal solution./p>

Wondering who are the top B2B eCommerce software vendors for the mid-market? Check out this report where the top platforms in the mid-market space are identified based on nine criteria.

Companies are under enormous pressure to reach customers with satisfying mobile experiences. With mobile use only expected to grow in the coming years, B2B vendors should invest in mobile upgrades to remain viable and competitive. Read about 4 ways that mobile commerce technology is shaping the B2B eCommerce sphere.

Reading some useful books is always a good idea, especially in the midst of summer. Sig Ueland has compiled the list of 11 New eCommerce Books for Summer 2016 that will deepen your knowledge on startup funding, being the boss, digital currencies, disruptive marketing, social media, and coding eCommerce extensions.

Are your channels to market set in stone? Actually, you need to revisit them regularly to ensure that you're responding to changes in market conditions. Read Channels to Market: Know Your Place for some useful tips on how to successfully appoint and manage distributors.

“Without clean data, your mar-tech stack is a house of cards,” believes Ed King, CEO of Openprise. The role of good data management in driving success is very important, although the survey finds that B2B companies undervalue data management skills.

Independent research finds midmarket B2B sellers prefer a unified approach for their eCommerce solution to enable omnichannel success. 62% of the midmarket B2B sellers planning an eCommerce purchase intend to adopt an integrated solution. For details read the full article.

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That was all for today. If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to contact us. See you next month!

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