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Updated 14 April 2022 | Anastasia Kholod

In case you provide services in such industries as shipping, order and inventory, warehouse management, mobile apps builder, or any others and work closely with e-retailers, the development of CS-Cart integration will provide you with a significant number of competitive advantages.

The connection of your solution with the CS-Cart platform allows you to increase your software prospective clients' number and present your solution in the new markets.

CS-Cart is a highly popular shopping cart software solution and has a good position in the eCommerce markets of different countries of the world. For example, according to BuiltWith, CS-Cart powers more than 4,870 online stores in the USA, 3,443 stores in Russia, 900 stores in Greece, and 630 stores in the United Kingdom.

The development of integration with CS-Cart allows you to access all the data from its databases and manage it by your system according to your clients’ needs. You will be able to add, delete, and update the data connected with order details, product prices, shipment info, customer details, etc. Without such type of data, you won’t have the possibility to propose your software to those retailers who use CS-Cart to base their web stores on it.

In this article, we are going to explore how you can build a smooth API integration with CS-Cart with minimum efforts from your side.

CS-Cart API and Its Main Specific

CS-Cart appears to be a strong shopping cart solution that powers over 40 thousand online stores. The development of connection with CS-Cart API and the ability to work with e-retailers who use this platform will help you to:

  • expanding the pool of your potential clients
  • scale your company income easily
  • enrich the business possibilities with an opportunity to gather all needed data from the customers’ stores and provide it through your business system at once
  • retrieve, add, update, and sync all needed data in no time

Application Programming Interface (API) is a mechanism that enables data interaction between various applications in an extremely fast and secure way. In case if you provide services in such industries as shipping, order and inventory, marketing automation, multichannel, or others, the integration with CS-Cart API will provide you with a great number of opportunities.

CS-Cart facilitates the developer’s work releasing its API, and now starting from the 4-th version, it’s feasible to interact with a store through Application Programming Interface. Platform’s API is RESTful and uses HTTP authentication with admin email as a login and API key as a password that is generated automatically.

There are four options available to work with the objects: GET, PUT, POST, and DELETE. It accepts and returns data in JSON format. GET - allows getting the object data, PUT - used for updating the data, POST - enables to create new objects, DELETE - allows to delete any of the product data. For more detailed information, go to CS-Cart API documentation to find out more.

Difficulties of the Building of Integration with CS-Cart

The development of API integration with CS-Cart can be a really challenging task. That is because this shopping platform has its own logic and architecture. That means that before starting the building of the connection with its API, the developers have to spend approximately one month of the previous platform's specific investigation.

Also, the process of integration can take over a few weeks to be completed and tested appropriately. After the finishing of the integration development, it requires continuous maintenance and upgrading.

So, as you can see, the building of integration with CS-Cart is a technically complex process and requires the efforts of highly qualified developers. If you don't want to waste your time and valuable resources on such a complicated process, you can use the help of third-party solutions like API2Cart that allows you to connect your software with CS-Cart and work with all the needed data from it easily.

CS-Cart API Integration

CS-Cart Integration via API2Cart

Explore how CS-Cart integration can help your business become more competitive.


API2Cart as a Way to Implement CS-Cart API Integration

API2Cart will help you to perform access to the platform at one stroke. It appears to be a unified data interface that establishes a connection to CS-Cart and 40+ other shopping platforms simultaneously. Using API2Cart, you will be able to Integrate your system with such industry leaders as Magento, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Shopify, PrestaShop, and others using a single API.

By integrating your business software with API2Cart, you will receive a well-documented and fully supported API platform to perform data interaction easily. Due to the service’s flexible infrastructure, enjoy the possibility to integrate an unlimited number of client e-stores via API2Cart. Service provides you with a 32-symbol API Key to access the system as well as SSL certificate is used to ensure integration security.

API2Cart accelerates the enhancement of such fields:

  • Order and inventory management software. Usage of API2Cart allows such kinds of solutions to update orders on all sales channels from a single place, sync inventory levels across multiple platforms, retrieve order updates, and notify your customers in no time.
  • Shipping management software. API2Cart has all the needed methods that allow such systems to import orders from multiple sales channels, update tracking info and order statuses, and create shipping labels.
  • Marketing automation software. With API2Cart, they can send emails featuring new items, discounts, and special prices, notify on order statuses, import contacts from stores and build segmented lists, etc.
  • Marketplaces. Using API2Cart, marketplace providers can get product data with prices, images, descriptions, attributes, variants, categories, etc., update product info on multiple sales channels, manage store info, etc.
  • Multichannel solutions. With the help of API2Cart API methods, such systems can retrieve product lists with all the details, create and update product listings and prices, manage the orders, sync inventory levels, etc.
  • Other areas.

You have the chance to test API2Cart and all of its supported API methods for 30 days for free. If there are some questions to ask or issues to solve, schedule a FREE Consultation, we are always here to help you! Dispel all doubts and shift to a new top-level integrating your business soft with CS-Cart and other industry leaders via API2Cart.

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