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Television experiences a slow but steady shift from traditional satellite and cable television formats to IPTV. The latter is advantageous in many ways, and its most valuable asset is using Internet technology to deliver TV streams. Thus, watching TV becomes more like browsing the Web, as users can choose programs to watch whenever and wherever they like. All in all, IPTV offers richer content and functionality and makes the user experience much more interactive and personalized. What is more, it is integrable with many services that can add value to its existing features and create completely new ones.

Advertising in IPTV

Integrability and interactivity of this new TV format provide great monetization opportunities for IPTV services and new powerful advertising capacity for merchants. TV ads remain among the most effective forms of advertising, and IPTV makes it even more efficient since there is an opportunity to monitor user’s preferences and segment them according to their interests. IPTV providers can collect, unify and analyze information about subscribers’ usage patterns, subscriptions, interests, demographics, location, presence, preferences and other relevant for advertisers' data. Based on this information, vendors can target very specific markets and thus increase their reach and ROI.

On top of that, advertisers can keep track of people receiving their promotional content. They can get very detailed metrics and valuable data, like IP addresses, the number of visitors, the time and duration of their interaction with the product, and the location. All these capacities make IPTV an ideal platform for personalized and targeted advertising.

Augmenting IPTV eCommerce Advertising via Shopping Cart Integration

As IPTV providers face increased competition, they want to leverage the provider’s network to generate new revenue. In other words, they seek additional ways to get the most of their service. Integration with shopping platforms is one of such ways that can take IPTV advertising to a new level. It empowers IPTV service with access to online stores’ databases with actionable information like product descriptions, prices, images, categories, which can be organized in special data feeds. Using these data feeds IPTV providers can automatically run various advertising campaigns and deliver promoting content to the right user at the right time.

What is more, with the help of shopping cart integration, IPTV vendors can make their platform a full-fledged eCommerce channel for merchants, and the crucial role here plays interactive capacity of IPTV. Subscribers can receive relevant advertisements, click on them for more information and even make purchases online right within the IPTV platform or go to a specified webpage. To sum up, shopping cart integration creates value for both IPTV providers and merchants, as it can augment revenue for both stakeholders.

If you run an IPTV service, consider integration with shopping carts via unified API2Cart API instead of developing separate connections with each platform. API2Cart provides an API for seamless integration with 40+ shopping platforms. It will help you save time, money and efforts on multiple integrations.

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