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Updated 22 August 2022 | Vladyslava Konoplia

In today's market, it's more necessary than ever for online merchants to have a presence on Amazon. It is not only the largest marketplace but also the most trusted by consumers. When people are looking for products, they are more likely to begin and end their search on popular marketplaces than on any other platform. Therefore, it makes it essential for eCommerce store owners to optimize their listings on such platforms and streamline the process. By using so, they can ensure that potential customers easily find their products and that they can make a sale with just a few clicks.

As anyone in the e-retail business knows, automation is key to success. Software solutions like multi-channel, PIM, and ERP can help online retailers easily manage their operations. However, such systems need to be integrated with marketplaces in order to provide essential features and be helpful. Amazon integration is one way to achieve this. By developing Amazon API integration, you can provide your clients with a powerful tool for managing their business based on it.

In this article, we will explore how Amazon API integration increases the possibilities of your eCommerce B2B software. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can ensure that your software is properly integrated with Amazon and start giving your clients the ability to automate their operations and improve their business.

The Importance of Marketplace Integration for SaaS App Providers

Retailers selling on several platforms usually face some difficulties like automatic product list updates, order processing from multiple sources, inventory management, and other manual tasks.

eCommerce software providers with integrations with marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and Walmart are able to help their clients streamline and automate their activity. In addition, the connection of your SaaS system with marketplaces allows store owners that use your solution to provide better services to their clients.

So whether you are a supplier of shipping management software, chatbots, marketing automation, ordering and inventory system, or any other type of SaaS provider, you can significantly expand your business opportunities by integrating with various marketplaces. It, in turn, broadens the eCommerce software provider's customer database and allows you to innovate and adapt new functionalities, and in the end will sharply increase your profit.

eCommerce software providers who do not integrate with these marketplaces are at a disadvantage because they are missing out on potential customers and new revenue streams. Therefore, marketplace integration is essential for eCommerce software providers who want to stay competitive in this niche.

For instance, if you are a shipping management system supplier and have potential customers using Amazon, you need to be integrated with this marketplace. Without this, you will be unable to import orders from Amazon into your system, update tracking information and order statuses, create transport labels, and so on.

What are the Advantages of Amazon Integration?

Amazon API integration is a process whereby eCommerce B2B software is connected to in order to easily retrieve data related to these marketplace sellers such as products, customers, orders, and baskets. Such integration can be beneficial for your SaaS software for several reasons.

First, it enables you to tap into Amazon's vast market of over 9.1 million active sellers. Amazon is one of the most well-known marketplaces in the world. As soon as you offer stable services and can reach a larger audience, you will be able to increase your presence in this niche.

Amazon API integration not only expands market share but also significantly increases the customer base of any eCommerce B2B software. As a result, it will boost your software sales and positively impact your company's revenue.

In addition, such integration allows you to easily access info related to Amazon products, customers, orders, and other data. It can be used to improve your software functionality. All of this data is important to you, especially if your SaaS software is dependent on them to run your business and provide your services.

How to Develop Amazon API Integration Easily?

There is no doubt that you want to know how easy it is to develop Amazon API integration and to gain the main advantages.

Despite the fact that this may seem easy and understandable, Amazon API integrating with your solution is an exhausting process. In addition, it can take a lot of time. Numerous obstacles can be on the way to a successful integration process. In addition to a few weeks, you also need to hire an experienced developer who knows how Amazon API works. You will have to invest tens of thousands of dollars in these integrations and additional maintenance costs afterwards.

One of the best services that will help to avoid difficulties is API2Cart. This solution allows B2B eCommerce software vendors to simultaneously develop integration with 40+ shopping platforms and marketplaces, including Amazon, eBay, Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce etc. With API2Cart, you can avoid all the difficulties associated with Amazon API integration and take advantage of the benefits of connecting to this platform.

Every API of a marketplace or shopping cart has different logic and architecture, and API2Cart does not need developers to understand the complex structures of these APIs. Instead, it integrates your software directly with needed shopping platforms and marketplaces.

So, we offer you a simple way to Amazon API integration and other eCommerce platforms and marketplaces at once, as well as over 100 API methods for managing data from different platforms. Our service also provides flexible prices and a 30-day free trial period.

Using API2Cart allows software providers to work with Amazon stores’ data and perform the following actions easily:

  • get order information

  • get product listings with all details (names, descriptions, prices, images, etc.)

  • update product lists

  • add shipments to orders

  • update the price and quantity for a specific product

You can explore all the API methods for Amazon integration in our documentation.

Don't delay and start transforming your eСommerce B2B software right now with API2Cart! Contact us to learn more about our features and pricing.

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