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Updated 6 October 2021 |

Amazon is one of the most popular marketplaces in the world and is used by more than 2 million online sellers for promoting their products.

For the SaaS app providers, integration with this marketplace can bring a high number of benefits. It allows them to get and manage the info connected with products, orders, customers, etc. from Amazon.

For example, if you are a shipping management software provider and have prospective clients who use Amazon, you need to be integrated with this marketplace. Without that, you won’t be able to import orders from Amazon into your system, update tracking information and order statuses, create shipping labels, etc.

Explore this infographic and find out what possibilities for your business you are missing without the developed API integration with Amazon.

integration with Amazon

As you can see, Amazon integration can be a good option for those SaaS app providers who work with online sellers and want to increase their profits in time. The best variant to develop a smooth connection with this marketplace and the other 40+ eCommerce platforms is to use API2Cart.

Using API2Cart allows software vendors to work with Amazon stores easily and do the following:

  • get info on orders
  • retrieve product lists with all details (names, descriptions, prices, images, etc.)
  • update product lists
  • add shipments to the orders
  • update price and quantity for a specific product

You can explore all API2Cart API methods supported for Amazon here or in our documentation.

If you are interested in the integration of your B2B eCommerce software with Amazon or other popular marketplaces and shopping platforms, feel free to schedule a quick call with our expert.

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